Arctic freeze grips US as severe weather continues

Arctic freeze grips US as severe weather continues Subscribe to the Guardian HERE: A severely cold front of Arctic weather grips much…
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Severe Weather is on its way for Mississippi on Thursday February 20, 2014 and it will bring severe thunderstorms and it will bring 30+ mm of rain and heavie…

13 Responses to “Arctic freeze grips US as severe weather continues”

  • FREEZERQC says:

    lol at first american winter we got this every years in canada

  • Arun Budhathoki says:

    MailMan Superman! 

  • oky sukoy says:

    Suffering by nature ..enjoyed

  • Fortyq says:

    welcome to Russia, bitches!

  • polarhd says:

    OMG ! “The Day After Tomorrow” ???!!!!

  • Reinis Musa says:

    just normal winter :)

  • Caji1 says:

    Thanks Frankie, you were right on with the N.C. storm….If you get a lul
    in the weather how about bring out some more of those ~Saturday Night
    Fever~ moves you do while dancing. We all learn from them…They should
    have picked you for the part in stead of John Travolta. Thanks my
    Northern Brother….~” Much love and peace to All Human beings” To hell
    with the hybrids and NWO, CIA, NSA,look a likes……..P/S..I do like to
    take a teaspoon of benadryl before you start as to not get my head spinning
    around so fast…I don’t know how you do it bro. but you got the moves ! !~

  • 13Beatts says:

    Frankie, any storms in Missouri that you know of ?

  • Eez Espliff says:

    Big fan frankie………..keep it up bro
    U the man !
    Take care stay safe

  • Tony Genovese says:

    great reporting Frankie and you are always right dude . Always like to
    hear you . Now im gonna joke with you for just a second Frankie but I
    find a strange resemblance to you and Michael Strahan , wondering if you
    guys are related someway ??? Just joking my friend I had to say it lol
    lol . Your a great guy dude .

  • k9griffin9 says:

    Frankie, very good report man, thanks! Will you let me know if they are
    going to push that beautiful cold weather down here to Houston, Texas???
    I’ve got plants to bring in again.

  • malinko35 says:

    Thanks frankie!

    -From pearl mississippi

  • godiva7721 says:

    Good report Frankie! 

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