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Sea temperature rise prompts coral watch
Federal marine scientists are watching for a potential high level of coral die-off because of a rise in temperature in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands — an area that has the highest rate of species found nowhere else in the world.
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Geo-engineering and sea-level rise over the 21st century
Scientific findings by international research group of scientists from England, China and Denmark just published suggest that sea level will likely be 30-70 centimetres higher by 2100 than at the start of the century even if all but the most aggressive geo-engineering schemes are undertaken to mitigate the effects of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions are stringently controlled.
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Geoengineering ‘can’t just slam on the brakes’ on rising sea levels
London, Aug 24 : Geoengineering techniques such as space mirrors or volcanic blasts won’t help curb rising sea levels unless they employ extreme measures, says a new study.
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