LA NIÑA effects on climate change/global warming

Please be informed The past two years people have felt the effect of LA NIÑA and people invested in pretending climate change is not happening took advantage. Using the “apparent” cooling as pseudo proof of their agenda. Sadly many people just accepted these false theories with no look into what may cause weather to cool. Please spread the truth, do your own research and put it out there. Make the answer be known. La Nina translates from the Spanish as “The Child Girl” Refers to the extensive cooling of the central and eastern Pacific Increased sea temperatures on the western side of the Pacific mean the atmosphere has more energy and frequency of heavy rain and thunderstorms is increased Typically lasts for up to 12 months and generally less damaging event than the stronger El Nino
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2 Responses to “LA NIÑA effects on climate change/global warming”

  • brian39900 says:

    there are warm years, cold years. Related to changing ocean cycles/temperatures/sun cycles. We cannot draw conclusions about the climate based on only 100 years of data with people with different agendas trying to manipulate it their own taste.

  • illyounotme says:

    Your welcome, people tend to confuse local weather with climate. They see one season as proof one way or another, ignoring the over all trends of climate. One year or two does not really have much to do with Climate Change. I did heart something interesting though. That the start of spring has moved 10 days this year. This caused birds to miss the caterpillars who dropped out of the tree and get eaten by horse who started having miscarriages. This is how interconnected things are.

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