Introductory Oceanography (10th Edition)

Introductory Oceanography (10th Edition)

The 10th edition of this popular book continues to provide an excellent foundation in science by examining the vast body of oceanic knowledge. Spanning the disciplines of geology, chemistry, physics, and biology, it allows readers to have a fundamental understanding of how oceans work. Interwoven within the book are hundreds of photographs, illustrations, real-world examples, and applications that make the material relevant, accessible, and entertaining. Well-organized and clearly written, this

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  • B. Yoo says:

    Review by B. Yoo for Introductory Oceanography (10th Edition)
    The content is well-written with beautiful illustrations and diagrams. I recommend this textbook to any one who is taking an introductory oceanography course. It is very useful for reference as well as minimal research.

  • David M. Kerr says:

    Review by David M. Kerr for Introductory Oceanography (10th Edition)
    Might there be an economic incentive for textbook to be in its tenth edition? Probably 20% of the illustrations are unncesessary. Photographs of pretty girls pulling up a bucket of water and scientists are a waste of ink, the reader’s time and money. Dimensions are always given in metric, followed by the English equivalent. Imagine a chemistry textbook giving molecular weights in grams followed by pounds in parentheses. The authors are gushingly emotional and 100% poltically correct about climate change, overfishing and the adverse effects of agricultural runoff (never mentioning bemefits).

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