Ocean Sim presentation – blender game engine data vis

This is a presentation from GNWC’s Master of Digital Media Program, student showcase. We created a realtime, interactive data visualization which shows fish populations in the Gulf of Mexico. We used the Blender Game Engine, with a lot of python and a little GLSL. The purpose of the project is to help academic researchers communicate their data with laypersons. Interactive, realtime media was chosen because of the potential for immediate feedback and scenario-based modeling.
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Using the graphics (mapping) feature of the KNMI Climate Explorer, Ive created an animation of the National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) Ocean Heat Content data. The KNMI graphics software was used to smooth the transitions between the quarterly data, giving the appearance of monthly OHC data.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • juantercillo says:

    We found the visual quality of textured meshes pretty good. GLSL shaders help a lot. Using vertex coloring to bake lighting helps. It´s disappointing not having realtime shadows, but there´s a couple of work arounds for that.

  • a2zhandi says:

    Interesting presentation. Also creative use of Blender GE. Which brings me to your vid. I am also (attempting) to use the GE in a completely different application. Howerver when I switch to GE, the quality of my graphics drop tremendously. Which “renders” my unique idea virtually unrenderable:)

  • AlterEgoTrip says:

    I wonder about other factors, such as air temp and weather at the time and regions shown with so much activity, certainly there must be more records of these to superimpose on this fantastic animation!

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