NASA | Aquarius Ocean Circulation

Until now, researchers did not have a full set of data on ocean salinity and how it impacts climate change. Aquarius salinity data, combined with data from other sensors that measure sea level, ocean color, temperature, winds, and rainfall, will give us a much clearer picture of how the ocean works. This video is public domain and can be downloaded at: ‪ Like our videos? Subscribe to NASA’s Goddard Shorts HD podcast: ‪ Or find NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on facebook: ‪ Or find us on Twitter: ‪
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  • jessehaley615 says:

    This is one “selective” video. =p

  • markmartinez717 says:

    I am on the weird part of Youtube yet again.

  • skankAus says:

    Matthew Maury, father of modern oceanography and a Christian knew about this in the 1800’s “Hence we say we know that the sea has its system of circulation, for it transports materials for the coral rock from one part of the world to another.”
    Maury, M. F. 1855. The Physical Geography of the Sea, 2nd ed. New York: Harper & Brothers, p153.

  • StephanieLisaTara says:


    I hatch! Crawl! And swim!

    Oh how I love my sweet life,

    But—why’s the sea so warm?

    —A Green Sea Turtle

  • 2110kop says:

    There is a quick simple solution to global warming and climate change. It is called Muon Catalysed Fusion. As worked on Star Scientific. NO CO2. NO Greenhouse Gases. NO Toxic Waste. The source is dueterium from the World’s Oceans – virtually limitless. It is cheap to produce. WE NEED IT NOW. See the website “Star Scientific Limited”, Blog “The Big Picture by Andrew Horvath”, Youtube video – “In the Footsteps of Fusion”

  • denisalain says:

    we should not ignore they amount of hit was created under deep water in many parts of our globe by nuclear experimental bomb’s, may have in fact the biggest responsability on actual climat change.
    Keep going – doing – as much as you want,we may no see the end, but you will.

  • zax808 says:

    No, the previous figure was underestimated at 10,000. Well they knew better but thats the number they were giving the public, and once they didnt have an option they brought out the new figure. Its the same way bp estimated 5,000 barrels a day into the gulf. They had video of it (that they wouldnt release) and they knew it had to be way over 5,000 barrels but they give low estimates to try and keep the public calm so that energy option dosent get such a bad rap. Do you see the patern?

  • flagman57 says:

    i thought that figure was overestimated and the new figure for radioactivity was 10,000 times higher than normal

  • zax808 says:

    I like how NASA is careful to not show pacific ocean currents. Someone might say hey, thats going right past japan where they are dumping all that nuclear waste pool water into the ocean (thats a 1,000,000 times higher then normal) <– and thats a correct figure.

  • dijegoo says:

    Serbia 7th :)

  • lgarvey says:

    6th! LOL!

    Great vid.

  • Lak0st says:


  • Mosgaard says:

    Love the water graphics

  • asdsdsdsadsadsadasds says:

    *refreshed to check*
    First yus!!!

  • darkpal123 says:

    240p ftw!

  • asdsdsdsadsadsadasds says:


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