Q&A: What is the best moon phase for tuna fishing?

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by OliBac

Question by Brad: What is the best moon phase for tuna fishing?
I’ve been offshore a couple of times this year and havn’t produced any kind of results and i want to know if the moon is affecting this at all, and if so what is the best phase? I would also like to know if it is better to chunk or to troll and why? i usually go out from Ocean City Maryland.

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Answer by gofish
Even though I fish for black fin off the fl. keys, I guess you could use info for where you are. I find 3 or 4 days before and after new moon are better for tuna. I’ve been told they will feed at night when moon is bright, less during day. Also seem to bite better when it’s a bit overcast and there is a chop on the water. I’ve always trolled but once we find them, you can chum with a few crippled live baits and then chunk with them. Black and red is the color we troll with and for best success you need to have the bait a good piece behind the boat. The birds will help us locate the fish, but don’t run through them or they will go down. Hope this helps.

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  • Peter_AZ says:

    I’ve found that in the Pacific, all other things being equal, I’ve done better under a full moon. However, all other things are seldom equal. Presence or absence of bait, water temperature and clarity, a front coming through (or not), and fishing pressure all seem to have as much or more effect on the bite than the moon.

    I’ve never “chunked” for tuna, but I have fished on the anchor for them (we use live bait). If the fish are known to be holding in an area (like over a bank) fishing on the anchor will work; but if they aren’t there, you have to go looking for them (that is, trolling).

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