Moon Phase – Tsukuyomi Mode

Opening from Tsukuyomi Moon Phase
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Schematic of why the Moon has phases
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • EeveelutionStorm says:

    Yep this side of Hazuki that freaked me out a lot. Her Luna mode.

  • jojuXVI says:

    Shaft studio: Y U NO make 2nd season!?

  • princessai13jyd says:

    that too. 

  • guncannon109 says:

    You left out that she has to be wearing the necklace.

  • missmic108 says:

    where do i download dis?? i like it

  • lovinthatanime1 says:

    love moon phase!!!!

  • RahXephox says:

    Moon Phase is great, one of my favorates.

  • 900luna says:

    i love this video such pretty effects

  • 900luna says:

    i love this vidoe such pretty effects

  • sushimonkeyapple says:

    love this version of this op. just the perfect amount of dramaticness. i wanna learn to draw like this, love this style….

  • TheCafeChu says:

    So much less annoying than Nekomimi Mode =A=

  • SyfeKS says:

    hm. it seems we choose the same icon

  • DeadDiblet says:

    the stroppy side is hazuki and the nice one(the one were she’s in the castle) is luna (i think)

  • princessai13jyd says:

    Hazuki is the one who always wears the kitty ear hat… Luna is supposed 2 be mature… Luna is half of Hazuki’s body… she becomes like that wen its a full moon and she needs blood… its kinda complecated but in the anime you’ll understand! lol

  • THEanimechica says:

    the older (white side) is Luna a being inside of Hazuki that appears on the full moon. the other one is Hazuki (notice: she is more playful, a lot younger, and is in black and more colorful)

  • IchigoStrawberry12 says:

    Wait She has 2 sides Fullmoon and the other side …im confuzed @.@ Please explain somebody Dx

  • advent87 says:

    That was pretty cool how they faded into the screen in the beginning.

  • Daijakake says:

    reminds me of clouds =P

  • gothelina says:


  • salvigirlisme says:


  • XdarkxchickX says:

    i luv her dresses in this they have so many openings for this anime though! but its nice to have different openings

  • Azureblades says:

    Boy I love this series…(sigh) am floating on cloud nine.

  • eleanorwesley says:

    l like this opening

  • Mr13born79 says:

    Is namblog the blog of NAMBLA?

  • narutokyle1214 says:

    why does it start from full is oh nvm itz a full moon to full moon called the … sc lol i forget

  • tommluc says:

    Perfectly clear. Excellent explanation. Congratulation for a well done simulation.

  • cosmiclight says:

    Also we should teach better use of science language. One of the worst expressions, aside from phrases in music, there is no “dark side of the moon” any more than there’s a dark side of the earth each night. It constantly changes. Eventually all sides are lit. It depends what time you are referring to its dark vs lit sides. That side we never see? It’s been photographed for decades by lunar satellites and Apollo astronauts. We actually see 60 percent from earth in a months time of phases. See?

  • cosmiclight says:

    I can tell you as an astronomer all my life, no less an award winning artist at this and making thousands of hours of live observations, there are very few video graphics that can simulate or shoul I say substitute for real time observational skills. I have provided thousands of hours of public sidewalk astronomy for the past decade. How often I get basic questions from the public like, “Does the Earth’s shadow cause the moons phase?” Too often. Feel free to google my name. > Mark Seibold

  • Javierjahve says:

    the moon never never shows his other side.

  • wtfisthis1990 says:

    / this is BOB. copy and post him and soon he will be all over youtube

  • senistar01 says:

    You’ll have to wait till I present my research in the near future. Or get my book where I started my research.

  • dlaytonfawcett says:

    I still don’t understand what your point is.  The shadow OF the moon isn’t even shown in the film.

  • senistar01 says:

    This looks good on the film but that’s not actualy what happens. The shadow of the moon doen’t operate like this. Look at it durring the day you’ll see. We’re doing independent research on it. And with a little more funding we’ll prove our point.

  • dweingar says:

    The view of the moon from Earth is correct, however it seems that the source of light is coming from the Earth and not the Sun which, I’m assuming, is off to the left. Besides that, it’s a good animation, just fix the moving moon to be lit from the left.

  • dlaytonfawcett says:

    What is incorrect about this?

  • senistar01 says:

    This is totaly incorrect.

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