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Picometer Precision Demonstrated By LISA Pathfinder Tests
A European team working on the LISA Pathfinder mission has completed an extensive series of ground tests on the spacecraft’s optical payload. The tests successfully achieved – for the first time on a spacecraft instrument – the incredible precision that will be required to confirm the existence of gravitational waves. The extremely precise measurements are realized by a laser interferometer that …
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Cholera Outbreak in Haiti
The humanitarian community has mobilized its resources to help the Haitian Government respond to an outbreak of cholera in the western region of Caribbean country, with medical supplies being provided and teams of health workers rushing to the affected …

How Comets Cause Meteor Showers
Shooting stars from spectacular meteor showers are actually sometimes caused by comets.

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 23, 2010
Here are letters to the editor from recent editions of the Daily News.
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