Hunting By Moon Phase: Your Best Season Ever

Hunting By Moon Phase: Your Best Season Ever

Every season, millions of hunters take to the woods with renewed
enthusiasm and vigor. Unfortunately, many come away empty
handed, returning day after day to face similar results. It’s
every hunter’s biggest dilemma, but some have found the perfect
solution, and that is hunting by moon phase.

Fishermen have long been aware of the powerful influence of the
moon on the tides and chart the various phases of the moon in
order to determine the best time to fish. Similarly, animals are
in tune with their surroundings and certain shifts in natural
forces trigger corresponding responses in the wild.

For years, researchers have studied the reaction of wildlife to
changes in the position of the sun and moon and have come up
with some rather interesting observations in relation to hunting
by moon phase.

So, how does this work? How can paying attention to the phases
of the moon help ensure a hunter’s success?

Animals and the Moon

Animals in the wild tend to be less active during daylight
hours. Feeling safer under the cover of darkness, many animals
will increase their activity as dusk falls.

However, many observers have noted that activity amongst all
animals is greater when the moon is full and that this one form
of hunting by moon phase — hunting during periods of full moon
— can yield excellent results.

In other words, if you’re aware of the phases of the moon,
you’re in a better position to anticipate the peak of animal
activity. The more active they are, the better your chances will
be of finding them.

Moon Phase Deer Hunting

Much of the research that has been done on this subject has
involved hunting deer, and many hunters swear that hunting by
moon phase is the only way to accurately predict deer activity.

But the moon doesn’t only have an impact on deer activity. The
various phases of the moon also seem to have a direct effect on
deer mating patterns, which in turn make them easier to locate.
It’s because of this that moon phase deer hunting — as it’s
becoming commonly known — is quickly gaining acceptance.

Being aware of when the breeding season begins helps to
determine travel patterns and areas of increased deer activity.
When the breeding season is at its peak, finding deer is easier
and finding more than one in a particular area more likely.

So what does this have to do with the moon? A female deer’s
reproductive cycle is influenced by the different phases of the
moon, and peaks in the three or four days surrounding the second
full moon after the autumnal equinox. When the does are in heat,
the bucks begin rubbing and scraping in an attempt to attract
them. If you know when the full moon occurs, you can be at the
right spot, at the right time, and have the best chance for
success, luring the bucks into your site.

By being aware of the different moon phases, deer hunting can be
far more successful. But not only that, it can also help you
figure out when not to hunt. You aren’t going to be successful
after the deer have mated and even the phase when the bucks are
chasing the does can be pretty fruitless.

By becoming familiar with these patterns and planning ahead,
hunting by moon phase will almost certainly lead to your best
hunting season ever.

David Rose is the creator of the popular moon software,
QuickPhase Pro, the fun and easy way to view the phases of the
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