The Dead Weather – “Will There Be Enough Water” – Live from The Roxy

The Dead Weather performs “Will There Be Enough Water” at The Roxy in Los Angeles.

Drum & Percussion Duet

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  • plxexcusemeh says:

    stop making fun of skrillex

  • killyridols09 says:

    This is beautiful stuff. It makes me miss doing drugs, but that’s another sort of blues.

  • cogumeloproducoes says:

    I liked the Okay from JW 7:07

  • MrThepainters says:

    haha!whatever dude!stop talking shit about her she’s cooler that you’ll ever be in your entire douchebag’s life :)

  • skydevil47 says:

    2:18 – Amy Farrah Fowler is that you ? It’s Sheldon Cooper here. What are you doing up there ?!

  • thaliatriplechins says:

    Any more takers on my comment welcome.

  • thaliatriplechins says:

    Alison Mosshart’s poo smelling tobacco breath must be nice to smell next to the mic, yum yum PUKE

  • thaliatriplechins says:

    That was weird, I checked my comment earlier today and within the space of a few hours (after being up for a week) it’s been flagged. Someone needs a life.

  • akhiugo says:

    THIS is music. All of the passion and emotion captured in 7:38 of raunchy blues. Shits inspiring man

  • SergentPatate says:

    ALMOST 1,000,000 VIEWS !

  • Alan26891 says:


  • TheBsnyde2424 says:

    I can’t get over that chick every time I watch it lol, its creepy haha

  • CabbatheHot says:

    some say the feedback keeps going…

  • misterpulsar says:

    Skrillex on the drums haha xd

  • akhiugo says:

    doesn’t matter, she’s still sexy as fuck

  • MrThepainters says:

    Yeah and if I had the choice I’d like to smell that my entire life!

  • Svenhartley says:

    Yep. Google it

  • werweissdasmanlebt says:


  • MrHighway61revisited says:

    This is the best live video i’ve seen in ages. Can’t fucking wait to see him at the Brixton Academy in June!

  • thaliatriplechins says:

    Alison Mosshart’s poo smelling tobacco breath must be nice to smell next to the mic, yum yum PUKE

  • noiseformind says:

    The Most amazing Thing with JW is the fact that every single time you ear a riff from this guy and go look for it somewhere its brand new. And every time you ear such beautiful lyrics and go look for them we find out they are just from his head. Our true Dylan, without the anti-hero bull…

  • ValentinoBrown says:

    Lol @5:45 the girl being possessed.

  • MitchSwitchify says:

    i think i just lost my virginity

  • WSRDWJW says:

    watching this video is literally better than watching porn. I signed up to utube just to post this comment. everyone reading this fully agrees im sure. Its just that good. JW is a savior for rock and blues!

  • Djlullaby22 says:

    He divorced his wife?

  • skunkperu says:

    jala perUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU,  lucky:::::::::::::

  • Adamboms says:

    Peter Erskine was good, but shit he could not match this furious duo!

  • renzoalfredo0310 says:

    ………PERUANO!!!!!!!!!! ….Alex Acuña

  • peterrahbek says:

    Continued: Alex continued in the band for a period after Manolo left and WR played as a quartet BEFORE Alex eventually left the band to have some time of and do other projects. And as you know both Alex and Manolo played with Joe many years later in the Syndicate etc.

  • peterrahbek says:

    @Talkingwall: I really don’t think Zapdad “got rid” of Manolo and Alex. But so many other things happended. you can reed about this in books and biographies of Joe Z and Wayne and Jaco. But I know from many years of friendship with Joe that – as much love he had for Manolo’s musicianship – he often experienced problems with sound clairity live. It was like the congas (espcially) seemed to mix badly with the keyboards – especially in larger halls, plus there were other things happening. TBC…

  • bbandhisfob says:


  • J410music says:

    Thank you for this incredible post. Alex on Fibes!

  • kwdrm1 says:

    Is this the long version of “Rumba Mama” ?

  • Kingwhistle says:

    Holy Holy Wow Percussion Dream Land. running through the jungles of the Amazon with two fantastic hunters !

  • blica1 says:

    no matter how hard anyone tries..this type of feel and playing can’t be taught!’s like it’s part of their DNA make-up…i bet you if they ever donated blood, the recipient would automatically have a sense of timing and rhythm !

  • pinopiniful says:

    mi hanno fatto piangere come solo l’arte più eccelsa può fare e facevano queste cose tanti anni fa..difatti hanno insegnato a suonare a generazioni di musicisti

  • pinopiniful says:

    mi hanno fatto piangere come solo l’arte più eccelsa può fare

  • WalfDrums says:

    Alex,esos FIBES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  walfredo sr

  • the12345joker says:

    The best percussion section Weather Report ever had !!

    It’s great seeing Jaco dancing in the background.

    100 out of 10 !!!!!

  • TheDice2008 says:


  • TadRapidly says:

    Keith Moon would enjoy Alex’s playing, I bet. Natural, just like Moon.

  • DOmusicproductions says:

    Don’t think it was quite like that. They were very much in demand elsewhere. Manolo went solo and played for the Rolling Stones etc and Alex discovered life changing faith. Manolo rejoined Zawinul Syndicate for a long time afterwards. This clip never ceases to amaze me the way they play.

  • CastorVoraz says:

    ..Simplemente espectacular!!! Uno de los mejores dúos percusivos de la historia de la fusión!!! Larga vida para Alex y Manolo!!!

  • talkingwall says:

    why did shorter and zawinul get rid of these guys? they were so good.

  • 94cristyan says:

    yeahhhh este man toca mucho,  me gusta el metal pero este man es dmaciado bien..

  • nipacanipalla says:

    great video and performance

  • newsguyonsite says:

    Parece que no me entendiste. Mi contestacion era para la persona que dijo “Valla mierda de demostracion” Despues de 30 anios como musico me atrevo a decir que hay que conocer de esto para poder apreciarlo!

  • Saltaelabismo says:

    Si tu conocieminto musical solo se basa en la salsa, pues para ti esto es una maravilla. Pero si tu conociemiento musical abarcaria, desde ruben gonzalez, peruchin, etc, hasta Kraftwer, Avantasia, etc no serias la persona que eres.

  • kvg4541 says:

    Jackie CHAN!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha Igualito =D

  • newsguyonsite says:

    Esto es solo para musicos y conocedores que entienden de esto!

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