Thomas and Friends Trains, Disney Cars Lightning McQueen, Harold, Toby like Kinder Surprise

This video is about Thomas and Friends trains Die cast Mattel and Wooden Thomas trains with Harold the helicopter, Toby the tram engine and Disney Cars Lighting McQueen on a cool setting…

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25 Responses to “Thomas and Friends Trains, Disney Cars Lightning McQueen, Harold, Toby like Kinder Surprise”

  • drunkendan says:

    I like how the best friends in a podcast say fanservice is bad and then
    this thumbnail

  • SownSky says:

    Looks at thumbnail.
    Me: Ahhhhhhhh, I still would rather see Liam-Sama in that costume.

  • Ineedgames says:

    Isn’t that thumbnail from a 3d porno?

  • Duussstttt says:

    Holy shit those Machinima commenters. I wondered who keeps on buying these
    games, and now I fucking know.

  • Tealhollow1 says:

    A Pinto?
    God drives a PT Cruiser, obviously!

  • goldchampion200 says:

    Soo I guess I am the only one here who enjoyed FF 13 and 13 -2 and think
    they aren’t as bad as people make them out to be. ill eventually get
    lightning returns.

  • Alevivas says:

    Why is there so much hate towards Lightning and her games? FFxiii despite
    it being linear it was a good game. sure it might took some hours to become
    more interresting than it already was but blame the early quiters not the

    I also always read how Lightning has no personality or emotions thus makes
    her a ” boring ” character but if you actually played the games and read
    the datalog you’ll understand why she acts like that and she does change
    over the course in the game.

    I’m glad she got her 3 games and she’s also planned to be in more games in
    the future like KH3.

  • TheShameCar says:

    I see Toriyama couldn’t live without shilling his Waifu one last time…

  • Key Strix says:

    The entire story of this game is just a message from Square Enix saying
    that not even God can stop more Final Fantasy from happening.

  • Tassadarky says:

    If anyone is interested, the guy who made the thumbnail is 3dbabes (RGB) on

  • ColeVecsion says:

    I can’t believe i live on a planet where 3 of these games fucking exist,

  • RSCNyx says:


    Final Fantasy needs to go back to it’s roots. I don’t see it lasting much
    longer at this rate.

  • MaskianRin13 says:

    I just got an ad for Bravely Default. Is this a sign from God telling me to
    go buy it and not watch this? 

  • The Great Hobbyist says:

    Two Best Friends Play: Fan Service: The Game

  • JackelZXA says:

    I almost thought it was going to be a letsplay of it, but then it wasnt.

    You guys should play all 3 of them on the show. because pain

  • SuperSkyblader says:

    I remember when I expressed my dislike for the 13 trilogy. Someone told me
    I was an oldman and to go fuck myself and to return to my shitty old games.
    The fact that he called this good, and the old ffs bad is just like :/..not
    even mad. Disappointing. 

  • S Martin says:

    Destiny is destiny

  • DeltaD36 says:

    Nice 3Dbabes Title Card you guys. xD

  • Swagbito Uchiha says:

    I can’t believe you guys found and used that image for the thumbnail, lol.
    I remember encountering that like, over a year ago.

  • Real_Ski says:

    Will the Best Friends be able to wade through and decipher the steaming
    pile of shit that the FF series has become? …Tune in to find out! 

  • marc fremont says:

    o jeez they found that picture.

  • nexviper says:

    Lightning likes souls aaaalmost as much as Woolie likes pies.

  • Valvatorez00 says:

    another famous let’s player OMFGCATA played this game for like a hour and
    he said this game was shit xD that guy is funny

  • Rukia-chan says:

    hahaha, I know where that thumbnail is from you naughty people

  • Prince Vegeta says:


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