Q&A: Lightning?

by DDFic

Question by Feng zi: Lightning?
I’m so freaked out by lightning. Any tips for getting over it?

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Answer by eyebum
Liquid Composure.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: Lightning?”

  • Oblivia says:

    I used to babysit my niece every day when her parents were at work, and she was terrified of lightening and thunder. So, when it would storm and the lightening would start, I would say to her,”Ooooh! So COOL!!!”, and we would run to the window to watch the storm. After awhile it started to stick, and she got over her fear. She was 3 years old.

    So, the next time it storms just say to yourself,”Oooh, this is so COOL!” You never know…it just might work!! :)

  • butchell says:

    go out in it and tell it you are not afraid, defy it, if it doesn’t hit you, you will think it was afraid of you, if it does, you won’t know about it

  • sa_cool says:

    Get a lightining conductor. It will protect your house

    PS: I like Butchell’s answer

  • Frank E says:

    Remain inside during storms and avoid phones and windows. Use th 30/30 rule(if u can see lightning, count from the time you see it till the thunderclap…if 30sec or less you r within 6 miles…seek cover)

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