What is a Weatherization Operations Manager

What is a Weatherization Operations Manager

A weatherization operations manager can make an average salary of ,000 in California, although salaries can vary greatly from company to location, industry, experience and benefits. There are different degrees of this position but they are focused on energy conservation and green living.

The career outlook for a weatherization operations manager is very good. They make on average – thousand a year.

Some of the non-profit agencies that are involved in this field are receiving government funding to offer sub-contracting services for households with low income under existing assistance programs.

A weatherization operations manager may be responsible for conducting energy audits, provide weatherization and remediation services such as “healthy homes” testing, install solar energy systems, produce bio fuels and deliver environmental education to the public for more energy efficient homes and businesses.

The essential functions of a weatherization operations manager focus on staying abreast of the latest weatherization developments, and insure coordination of weatherization staffs, inventories and implementing contractor training and information sessions, as just a part of their functions.

Because of newer “green” technologies, weatherization has become a growing concern for many commercial and residential buildings and contractors are looking for advice when it comes to meeting code requirements for energy efficiency and insulating standards.

A weatherization operations manager is responsible for establishing and monitoring procedures, training, workshops and other weatherization program procedure enforcements.

Some of the requirements for the position may include a Bachelors degree in accounting, budgeting, inventory management and experience in public or private construction on a managerial level. Government contract compliance is helpful and the ability to interpret federal and state regulations is necessary.

Because Weatherization programs are part of a “green” movement for energy efficiency, many state and federal buildings are being targeted and utilities are offering rebate and tax credits to business and individuals as part of a means to cut energy consumption.

The type of person that may look at going into this field would have the experience in the construction industry or be familiar with the Weatherization program regulations and how to implement them.

Some of the newer positions that are being created as a result of government funding for more energy efficiency and development of alternative energy sources has resulted in newer job occupations such as a Weatherization Operations Manager, and they are part of the growing field of energy efficient jobs for a “greener” America, under government funding and regulations.

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