weather in san fran?

Question by psyoukhanna: weather in san fran?
how is the weather i looked on the yahoo weather it said it will be in the late 80s and low 70s is that true and last time i was there in feb. i was swimming at the beach

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Answer by tater
according to, it will be in the 50’s and 60’s (Fahrenheit) this week!!

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  • tonalc1 says:

    80s? It’s raining and windy and 54 degrees right now.

  • unknown8bit says:

    I think you are looking at weather for a different San Francisco (Argentina?) Check

    We just had a wind storm blow through last night, so the beaches will be littered with debris.

    Also, it is winter.

  • Brkly Grl says:

    I have lived here all my life and NEVER have heard of n e one swimming in frisco in feb?!?!? I think thats a little bit far fetched.

    Like Mark Twain said: “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”

  • 787 says:

    A storm just passed so the temperature would be in the 60’s during day and 40’s at night.

  • Coquette Rouge says:

    I don’t know about that. Sounds llike you got to experience some freaky good weather. It should linger around the 60’s, it’s rainy, and foggy.

  • Inundated in SF says:

    Weather in SF is always variable. Last week it was stormy and very cool (got cold at night) but so far this week it’s sunny and in the 60’s in the day, drops to mid-40s at night. But tomorrow it could be friggin cold, or go up to 80. Even the weatherman/woman often get it wrong (and what happens in Oakland is not the same as what happens in San Fran, or even from Fisherman’s Wharf to Ocean Beach can be two different weather things going on). A couple of Febs ago a friend got married down in Half Moon Bay and it was gorgeous–warm (low 70s) and sunny, the Maverick surfing was going on and the highway was crowded with spectators. This year it seems like it’s been raining non-stop all year (with this week finally giving us some clear weather). Swimming at the beach probably won’t happen since we’ve been having oil spills and sewage spills all over the place–plus the storms which bring waves and currents which will drown people (and have this year). On a sweet warm day, the fog will sometimes show up turning everything cold and wet. Not sure where Yahoo is taking their weather reports from–if from the national weather center, they moved that down the coast a piece so those folks are just guessing.

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