Quick Look – Anathema ‘Weather Systems’ CD & Vinyl

In this ShadowsDance.com Video Feature, I take a look at two different physical editions of Anathema’s latest studio album ‘Weather Systems’. Both the CD and the vinyl are available from the Kscope Store on Burning Shed. There is also a CD/DVD-V edition, which contains high resolution stereo/5.1 surround mixes. Enjoy the video!
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A series of coinciding eruptive events .. dozens of plumes.. all appear / erupt at the same time … 1815 UTC / 215CDT on 3/26/2012 .. Viewable throughout the south, midwest, and southwest USA — Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina… possibly more that I did not cover in this video … the chances of having THIS MANY WILDFIRES pop up at once sometime right before 215pm CDT — these chances are astronomical if not on the edge of borderline IMPOSSIBLE (imo)…… Approx plume locations in Arkansas : 34°45’6.81″N , 94°11’0.39″W 35°35’56.03″N , 93°26’56.25″W 34°37’6.85″N , 93°41’3.64″W 34°59’14.25″N , 93°12’37.80″W 35°10’37.07″N , 93°35’56.10″W approx plume locations in missouri : 37° 5’34.58″N , 91°11’30.85″W 36°54’29.07″N , 91° 6’46.49″W approx plume locations in oklahoma : 36°22’42.98″N , 94°57’6.55″W 34° 7’25.90″N , 94°56’56.67″W approx plume locations in texas: 33°47’4.99″N , 95°56’28.75″W There are MANY more in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The way to find the plume epicenter is simple this is NOT the first plume event we have witnessed. Be aware of a possible earthquake ramification for this event. I’m sure you’ve heard of the recent “rumble” and “underground explosion” reports around the USA… Wisconsin and Georgia are two examples… I think these events may actually all be related. Personally, first hand account from my wife and I

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