West Africa and hurricanes……?

Question by EuCitizen: West Africa and hurricanes……?
I saw a hurricane chart or something like that and i saw that a hurricane(s) formed off west Africa and went for the North America..

Could this be why west africa and africa in general are so dry?

all the rain clouds (hurricanes) go to North America? do any Hurrricanes ever land on Africa?

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Answer by bigjohn B
NO, not the reason. It is the heat rising off of the continent and then drifting across the Atlantic. A tropical wave is formed and then heat rising causes the swirling typical of hurricanes.

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  • avaheli says:

    Hurricanes need a tremendous amount of energy (heat) to develop. That means they are going to develop near the equator. They can’t develop ON the equator because the coriolis effect is a neccessary component to hurricane development and you need to be north of the equator to induce cyclonic rotation in a meso or synoptic scale storm.

    That means hurricanes form in lattitudes where the trade winds dominate. The trade winds blow from East to West and thus that is the direction hurricanes move when they form in the Atlantic.

    You won’t find many hurricanes making landfall in West Africa because of the trade winds and West Africa’s climate is driven by off shore trade winds and by the cold ocean current.

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