Q&A: Hurricane?

Question by Chris Y: Hurricane?
What would happen if fire were applied to a hurricane? There are no limits/restrictions/restraints,etc. on how much fire.

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Answer by Iknowthisone
Wow! What have you been smoking?

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  • DiDi says:

    There are not enough information to answer said question.
    1. How big is the hurricane?
    If you have the answer for that you have to be able to determine how to get the fire to the storm. Barge, yes maybe, however the only size storm you would have to worry about really would be a cat three or higher, In that case you would need lots of boats. Even then the fire would more than likely run out of fuel be it liquid or solid before a hurricane stopped producing rain.
    Just one girls thought.

  • MT C says:

    I presume that you are looking for the hurricane to intensify as the energy from the fire is assimilated by it. I think you may be correct, but with no way to prove it outside of mathematics which at this point in time may not be reliable.

  • killerzrawesome says:

    youd burn

  • RRRRRRRR says:


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