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One moment the sun is shining on the slopes of El Yunque, the largest mountain in eastern Puerto Rico. The next, everything has changed. The sky has turned deep purple, and you feel as if the air has been sucked from your lungs. That can mean only one thing: A hurricane is coming!

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  • C. Saylor says:

    Review by C. Saylor for Hurricane!
    My 5 year old son has a great interest in weather, especially rainstorms, and he absolutely loved this book! I would have given it 5 stars, but it was a bit implausible that the boys’ parents would have let them go swimming in the ocean the morning before a hurricane was to arrive. However, that’s what made the story so exciting to my son!

  • M. Kirkland says:

    Review by M. Kirkland for Hurricane!
    I use this book with my students to teach visualization. It works very well.

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