How far in advance can they predict a hurricane?

Question by deeze: How far in advance can they predict a hurricane?
I’m planning a trip to the DR in September.

I checked the National Hurricane Center website to see if they predict any Hurricanes for September, but all it says is this season will be an “Active Atlantic Hurricane Season.” It doesn’t give any specific dates.

So I’m wondering how far in advance can they predict a hurricane?

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Answer by Fun 2 Fun
A hurricane cannot be predicted, no such thing.

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  • Lolman says:

    The thing is, you can’t really ‘predict’ a hurricane. You can guess that there will be hurricanes more than usual, due to weather patterns, but hurricanes can only be accurately predicted when they actually develop. You’ll still have about a day to leave the place if it actually develops, so you don’t really need to worry about that.

  • The 1 and only..... says:

    Well, a hurricane is not really predicted until it is already in the process of forming, and sometimes even there the guess is off. They will see some more rain and active weather in the ocean, and judging by that they will start to issue possible warnings that a hurricane might come. Meteorologists usually can predict if a hurricane might form anywhere from 1 week to 3 days before it happens. And sometimes, even if they would call for it, sometimes it will still fizzle out.

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