what is global warming?

Question by …: what is global warming?
what could be a good defintion of global warming? Not tooooo smart though
i want to write like what globl warming is and what it is not …so what can i put for what it is not???

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Answer by Alexander H
Global warming is when the sun’s (heat) rays are captured in the atmosphere and not allowed to leave because of a build up of certain gasses that keep them in. (Normally, the sun’s rays visit the earth and then leave, but global warming is when they cannot). Since these rays can’t leave, they keep building up in the atmosphere. This leads to increased temperatures on the earth. The primary gas that leads to global warming is CO2 (Carbon dioxide) which is releases by decaying organisms and things being burned.

I would say that global warming is not the same thing as the greenhouse effect, it is not related to the Ozone hole or Ozone depletion, and it is not caused by humans or human industry.

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