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Global Warming

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Earth’s climate has always varied, but it is now changing more rapidly than at any other time in recent centuries. The climate is very complex, and many factors play important roles in determining how it changes. Why is the climate changing? Could Earth be getting warmer by itself? Are people doing things that make the climate warmer? Award-winning science writer Seymour Simon teams up with the Smithsonian Institution to give you a full-color photographic introduction to the causes and effe

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4 Responses to “Global Warming Reviews”

  • Rhea Morales says:

    Review by Rhea Morales for Global Warming
    My daughter and I both love this book. It answered so many questions for us in a very easy to understand read. We have many of Seymour Simon books. My daughter adores his books and so do many of her friends. This book Global Warming helped my 10 year old to finally understand climate change and what this means to the future of this planet.

  • Carol says:

    Review by Carol for Global Warming
    Wow! This is an amazing information book because it tells the facts about climate change in a straightforward manner with magnificent, telling photos as support. Once again Seymour Simon takes a complex subject and writes about it in language that children can understand without diluting the science. Simon provides an understandable explanation of global warming followed by evidence of its effects. At the conclusion he adds a page telling what nations and governments can do to slow down climate change along with another page on what families can do. A glossary, index, and websites for more information round out this fine book.

  • D. Fowler says:

    Review by D. Fowler for Global Warming
    It is very easy to see changes in the weather. Perhaps you’ve noticed that rain and overcast skies can quickly change to sunny ones in the course of an afternoon. Climate change, however, is much more subtle and difficult to spot as “climate is the average weather over a period of years.” Our climate has begun to change and the average temperature is beginning to rise. The term “global warming” has been coined to describe some of the changes in our climate. If you think about a greenhouse, you realize that the glass will allow sun to enter, but “keeps warm air from escaping.” If you think of earth as a type of greenhouse, the effect is similar.

    Environmental changes are not totally the result of human folly, but if we examine our behavior, or lack of it, we must acknowledge our responsibility. One very interesting fact since weather records have been kept is that “nineteen of the twenty hottest years ever have happened since 1980.” In this book you will learn about the greenhouse effect, how the Arctic is revealing the effects of global warming, the startling erosion of the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf, the impact global warming has on animals, the alarming disappearance of glaciers in Alaska and Montana, the effect of ocean levels as temperatures rise, and many more interesting facts. The reader will also learn what everyone from the individual to the entire nations can do to help slow this process.

    This amazing book gives the young reader a close look at climate change and the reasons behind this startling phenomenon. The text is very well written and researched, thereby making it an easy task for students to understand global warming without becoming overly alarmist. The photographs were well chosen and give the book an additional voice. The book is not overly technical, but will assist the young reader draw his or her own conclusions with its general overview. This type of book can provide an excellent stepping stone to a school report. In the back of the book is an index, a glossary and additional website resources to explore.

  • Reader Views says:

    Review by Reader Views for Global Warming
    Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 7) for Reader Views (03/10)

    “Global Warming” by Seymour Simon talks about what global warming is, what causes it, and what can happen because of it. There might be a giant snowstorm today but that doesn’t mean global warming isn’t happening. Global warming is a very gradual warming trend over a really long time. Global warming happens because carbon dioxide and other pollutants collect in the atmosphere and don’t let heat escape.

    Global warming can cause big floods to happen, polar bears to not be able to get food, and coral reefs to die. Rising oceans could cause millions of people to have to move.

    The book gives lots of ideas of things people can do to slow global warming. People can walk and use bikes instead of driving cars. People can plant trees and use efficient light bulbs. People can use renewable energy from wind or the sun.

    Like most Seymour Simon books, there are lots of good pictures. My favorite photos were the ones of polar bears, coral reefs, trees in autumn, and butterflies. In general the photos in this book weren’t as exciting as those in some of his other books, but they were still pretty good.

    I would recommend “Global Warming” by Seymour Simon to people who are interested in global warming and who want to try and slow global warming. It will help kids be able to explain global warming better.

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