Global Warming 101

Global warming could do more than just melt polar ice. It could change our maps, and displace people from cities and tropical islands. See all National Geographic videos:
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25 Responses to “Global Warming 101”

  • kmesprtan says:

    anyone who thinks its a hoax its to be slapped in the face and woken up

  • Cousigreeno says:

    While we were debating for the last few decades, snow in Mont Kilamanjaro (highest mountain in Africa) has receded significantly (almost no snow left as of 2010). Also, the arctic was nearly ice free in summer 2009, and there was rain in 2010. The amount of hurricanes increased in both numbers and strength. In 2004, a hurricane appeared for the first time in the South Atlantic. Malaria has spread to new heights affecting thousands of people.
    Enough is enough! It is time for change not lies.

  • kmesprtan says:

    i cant believe theres still nim rods out there oblivious to fucking facts and obvious fucking evidence hey fuckheads global warming exists simple as that pointless to aruge with your narrowmined ass so go live in a fucking cave no one will miss you

  • Spitfiremacx says:


    Your HND allowed you to work that one out then Clara ?? my they did teach you well at James Watt’s…so your bean tin of a jalopy was violated then Ms Massa…your protective shield was down then ? have you not been sacrificing to the Bean know it upsets them…lay some Mayflowers on the ground in a pentangle i find that helps.

  • EdwinOde says:

    @randomlaughingman you’re such a psycho clara, Did the aliens try to egg your worthless heap of shit car again? Disgusting old jewbag

  • 31guitar says:

    Al Gore recently bought a nice ocean side 9 million dollar mansion. O wait, didnt he say Oceans were gonna rise 20 feet? Either he forgot his own information or he knows it isnt true. Hmm, I wonder which one it is.

  • 31guitar says:

    You know, more moisture due to global warming means more crops, better output from farmers, less deserts. Benfits to our economy. So is global warming really that bad a thing in every case?

  • 31guitar says:

    You know, a lot of these people like goog2k and nightversionn bringing us these bullshit news articles that are obviously untrue to anyone with common sense, trying to discredit what people like me say, that global warming is a scam. It sounds a lot like…. O Cass Sunstein. I am convinced that at least one of these guys is a government agent trying to discredit what we say, trying to make us seem crazy

  • SeasonsOfBlue says:

    Interesting to see this debate has gone no where.

  • psteveens says:

    Google the news… Report: Climate change could render much of world uninhabitable

    Deniers give little weight to the health and well-being of our future generations. Those idiots want only business-as-usual no matter what. Sad, true, and completly out of touch with reality. Another word for it, could it be, insane? Well, certainly some are.

    FMI… UCSUSA(dot)org

  • goog2k says:

    April = 2nd WARMEST April in UAH records of Global Temperatures.
    March = HOTTEST March in the UAH 32 year satellite record.
    (UAH – Univ. of Alabama, Huntsville is run by Dr. John Christy, well known AGW skeptic)
    Global Temps. for February = 2nd WARMEST February in 32 years.
    Global Temps. for JANUARY = the HOTTEST January for UAH in 32 years.
    Temperatures are rising “0.14C/decade” – UAH
    2010 is on track to be the HOTTEST year on record since 1880.
    So much for global cooling.

  • Nightversionn says:

    …a stabilized world is preferable to a destabilized one. Which of course is another reason we don’t let people like you make important decisions in our government anymore

  • Nightversionn says:


    Low lying coastal areas. Of course it’s already spent millions to prepare for the impacts of climate change.

  • OZcheckm8 says:


    Vietnam wants money for global warming?? So do I!! I need a few million to educate my family and put my house on stilts & buy heaps of canned food and water so i can sit at home and wait for global warming to come… pff moron.

    If u want money, become president, steal a shit load of money and give a shit load away to friends and supporters, then ask the world bank to bail you out by giving you 1 trillion dollars – It worked for Greece & Spain! Where did their money go??

  • Nightversionn says:

    Climate news..
    More help urged for climate impact
    More aid, knowledge and technological transfer were needed for developing countries trying to cope with the impacts of climate change, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Pham Khoi Nguyen said last week.
    May 10, 2010

  • OZcheckm8 says:


    If you want i can go back through your comments and pull out the few where you were claiming that I was an alien who destroid my last planet LOL.

    You are a freak, and now u claim I said that to you… hahaha. Thanks for confirming you are nuts and skitsofrenic. Have a nice life trying to keep it sane hahaha. Poor lunatic. I actually feel sorry for u, you’ll NEVER have a normal life =(

  • XDarkF3arX says:

    Can I get a go global warming?

  • bflatkitty says:

    Maybe a requirement for equal spending in other areas too, like the 2340 lobbypests they spent 128.76 million on in 2008 and the almost equal amount spent on defectively head plumbing the general public with denial of a 95% assured scientific consensus. I’d make it retroactive but that may be too much like fundamental common wealth management hippy stuff.

  • bflatkitty says:

    I’m not so sure the fossilsaurs need to worry about environmentalists using the baby drilling disaster in the gulf . Environmentalists just worn the public about stuff that isn’t obvious, like potential for oil spills. Fossilsaurs may need to look out for angry fishermen. If I was Obama man I’d ask for an equal investment in alternatives for every dollar spent on the offshore baby drilling.

  • MarkNobes says:

    A perversion of logic occurs when the sceptics keep stating, Climate change has occurred naturally in the past, therefore present climate change MUST be natural also”.

  • randomlaughingman says:

    @OZcheck8 -“Shut the fuck up you NAZI Alien worshiper.You are 1 crazy lunatic who thinks i was an alien sent here through time to destroy the earth….. yeah you’re sane.”

    it isn’t becoming as an evolved thing to do, worshipping false images – that’s what you do, you golden calf (ie – money) worshipping freakshow.
    who is also – a timebent alien-production-line knock-off, sent here to make people as dumb as possible.

  • randomlaughingman says:

    @truthinstyle – fuck knows where you idiot comment went, i can’t read it anyway cause anything in this browser continues to *vanish* when it comes to reading drop-down message boxes.

    i’m sure you didn’t write anything worthwhile anyway, so – fuck you, fuck what spawned you, and kill yourself peado.

  • randomlaughingman says:

    @OZcheckm8 – except – you are an assclown, and posting articles proving you wrong anything near to being environmental can’t possibly ever come under the category of ‘assclown’, or anything else that describes you, such as ‘moron’, ‘peado’, ‘useless eater faggot’…

  • MarkNobes says:

    @ezeeskank It has increased the chance of Labour, the Lib Dems and some of the smaller parties forming a coalition Government and getting their voice heard for once. Also this could bring about a fresh new voting system and getting rid of the Victorian one supported by the out-dated and undemocratic Conservative party.

  • ezeeskank says:

    @MarkNobes does that mean everything is going to be okay now Mark or will it not make one iota of difference who is in Downing Street.

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