what are the causes of earthquake?

Question by yaiman: what are the causes of earthquake?
what are earthquakes. how do they occur in nature.what precautions should be taken to protect ourself from an earthquake.major earthquakes in the world.

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Answer by A.Ganapathy India
Earthquakes are caused by the sudden release of accumulated stress at tectonic boundary over decades. The tectonic plates or moving by convection heat under lithosphere.Read for protection from earthquakes.

The following are some of the important precaution to be observed to save our life during an earthquake. Even though we do not have fool proof system to fore warn earthquakes some of the changes in nature or in the behaviors of animals and birds may help to decide the situations.

Before an earthquake.
Have a battery powered radio, flash light, and first aid kids in your house ,
Make sure every one knows where they are kept ,
Learn first aid; teach how to stop electric main and gas supply ,
Don’t keep heavy objects in high shelves ,
Fasten heavy appliances to the floor, and anchor heavy furniture to the walls ,
Plan for your family for reuniting after an earthquake if anybody separated ,
Urge your school teachers to discuss earthquake safety in the class rooms, and ask them to conduct drills ,Keep some dry fruits and drinking water.
Find out your office has an emergency plan, know your responsibility at your works during an emergency .Keep some dry fruits and drinking water .

During an earthquake.
Stay calm if you are indoors, stay out if you are out of buildings. Many injuries occur as people enter or leave the buildings.
If you are indoors , stand against the a wall near the center of the building, or get under a sturdy table keep some cushion on your head, Stay away from windows and outside doors, if you are in a high rise building stand against a support column.
If you are in outdoor stay in the open place , keep away from over head electric wires. and bridges. If you are in car just stop it where there is know over bridge or over head electric lines and stay in side the car until the shaking stops.
Don’t use open flames, if you are in a moving vehicle stop away from over bridges and stay inside the vehicle still earthquake stops.

After an earthquake.
Check yourself and nearby people for injury, provide first aid,
Check electric and gas connection,
Turn on your radio or T.V for emergency instructions, reduce the use of phone lines it may be required for conveying some important messages.
Stay out of damaged buildings,
Wear chapels and gloves to protect against shattered glass and debris.

Stay away from beaches and water front areas where Tsunami could strike, even long after the shaking has stopped.
Have one earthquake alarm fixed in your house.

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  • Lov3! says:

    Earthquakes are caused by the stress and energy of the tectonic plates moving. There are three types of movements:

    Where the tectonic plates come together

    Where the tectonic plates move apart

    Where the tectonic plates slide across each other.

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