Loud Booms! 3.8 Earthquake Hits Oklahoma, 5.8 Strikes Philippines!

Loud Booms Reported all across the country! More info at Link! BOOMS: http://abcnews.go.com/US/residents-baffled-terrifying-loud-booms-oklahoma/story?id=2254…

When the trembling stops, the disaster is only the beginning.
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  • kenjams says:

    HAARP comes to mind.
    Could they stimulate subterranean instability?

  • Chad Kilburn says:

    I believe it is subterranean tunneling by machines like big bertha that are
    connecting underground facilities! IMHO! This would explain a lot!

  • truthdisciple says:

    “Then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and
    threw it to the earth. And there were noises, thundering, lightning, and an
    earthquake” Revelation 8:5

  • Osmosis Melee says:

    The earth is growing/expanding

  • matt74moses says:

    They’re called “Sonic Booms.” and they usually happen before an earthquake.
    I experienced both a sonic boom and then next day a big earthquake the next
    day back in Los Angeles in 1991. First time I went to Cali to visit my
    uncle for his wedding. Both were scary as all hell. SONIC BOOM. Look it

  • xNXTG3N3RATIONx says:

    What if the loud booms are caused by the russian cosmos sattlite debre
    striking earths atmosphere then exploding causing the boom.

  • Temo May says:

    slc ut all weekend during the day

  • DaichiTunaMelts says:

    we saw pink flashes in the clouds with no lightning a few times last night
    here in portland OR

  • Mysteryqueen86 says:

    we should leave Israeli alone like right now

  • David DuPree says:

    I’m in lake saint Louis MOand I heard a loud boom. Like an explosion. Not
    thunder. Scared me out of my sleep at about 4am. Plus it was 27 degrees and
    raining which I’m confused about. It wasn’t sleet. It was rain. 

  • alicia dwyer says:

    North American Craton movement

  • TheMissdior123 says:

    16th February at 3am there was a loud boom …Scotland….and no I wasn’t
    on the whiskey lol

  • annieladysmith says:

    They r going to break the Craton loose. These r happening with earthquakes
    all along the Craton. Using water weight from controlled flooding and
    frequency, possibly explosives. They`re going sure and steady at it. If u
    live on a coast u`ll be floating away. Navy map, shows where the safe
    places r.

  • 1948kitty says:

    A volcano is ready to erupt in San Miguel El Salvador as well

  • Leandro Cabrera says:

    I live in the Bronx and on Friday, February 14 at 8:57 pm I heard a very
    loud explosion. My initial thought was that a bomb had exploded in the sky
    so I waited for the blast wave to hit. After a couple of seconds after no
    shock wave I figured it must have been a sonic boom. I mean this explosion
    was louder than anything I had ever heard. Still remains a mystery. I know
    its some how man made. HAARP or something of that sort. I just have a bad
    feeling lately that something awful is going to happen. Its only a matter
    of time. Maybe they are trying to desensitize the people for when the real
    bombs start exploding. Its coming yall. Get ready.

  • Markie Lost says:

    the one in middle of Washington state >>

    Monday February 17 2014, 05:48:53 UTC
    Type: EarthQuake
    115 minutes ago
    Magnitude: 1.5
    DateTime: 2014-02-16 23:48:53
    Region: Washington
    Depth: 20.3
    Source: USGS Feed

    << is right near or right above a nuclear power planet… I personally have driven by it several times vising my ex years ago

  • Larry Browning says:

    I know for a fact I never had this happen before and have heard them in my
    home state of WV. My dad who is 75 said,”He never heard these booms in his
    whole life until now”.

  • Marilyn Irick says:

    We live in Powder Springs, GA and late Friday night we heard a large boom
    noise and we new it not to be thunder and the duration of the boom which
    sounded like a B-52, was a short duration. This meant it couldn’t have been
    a jet. B-52

  • SuReLyUJeSt1 says:

    The real owner of this world is coming very soon to clean up this mess.

  • Ruckus Allen says:

    my first thought, Hell is putting in additions, interesting, look up people
    only a few weeks left my guess

  • Strong Power says:

    Loud unknown boom also in Estonia, was in the news also, house’s trembled 

  • Donna D in Miss says:

    I just watched some stuff on CERN. Possible cause of booms and
    Let me know what you think .

  • Firstname Lastname says:

    magnetic field disruptions. 

  • Adam k says:

    Possibly still underground building? I felt a boom last year here in
    Tucson, and it certainly felt like an explosive payload….

  • JoyceDawn100 says:

    I watched a video about a month ago in which a messenger from our LORD,
    (she has had quite a few prophecies come to pass-yet she never comes
    forward bragging after they come to pass) showed a map of U.S. from Google
    Earth. In this video, she drew small lines all over the U.S., where she was
    shown in a vision these lines representing small cracks forming in the
    earth all over the U.S. In a video she made, either Jan. 8 or 9, – a
    different video- she drew a line going from the bottom (I think
    Mississippi) on up through about 12 states going north. The line went
    through the exact spot where the 2 earthquakes occurred in SC/Georgia. She
    said that the LORD told her: “Tell my people that this is just the
    beginning.” Many that follow & have faith in JESUS CHRIST, are coming
    forward w/ visions/dreams that are coming to pass & line up w/ prophecy
    from Bible. Of course, there are many false prophets coming out of the
    woodworks & we must pray for discernment in order to not become deceived.
    Then of course, there are the mockers/scoffers; however, anyone that has/is
    reading scripture & has understanding knows that end times prophecy is
    coming to pass daily & quickly. It also speaks of a great famine coming
    over the entire earth, w/ one days wages to pay for one day supply of food.
    Mass earthquakes in divers places. Once great nations falling & being taken
    over by the enemy, all in order for Son of Perdition to destroy all that
    are not planted firmly & w/ faith, love in JESUS CHRIST as the only way to
    receive salvation & eternal life…Isaiah, Ezekiel, Psalms & Revelation are
    just a few books of end times prophecy, along w/ the first 4 books of New
    Testament. One must have eyes to see & ears to hear.

  • jjojjorge says:

    Earth is probably being programmed to deliver a huge quake very soon
    because the recent dormancy in reference to big tremors. Although volcanoes
    have been active; probably above average.

  • GTA V PRO says:

    Wow :ppppppppp

  • saul Velazquez says:

    thats sad

  • Rob Jongschaap says:

    *What Causes an Earthquake? Faults Explained*

    We all have our faults, and that includes planet Earth. Earthquakes rattle
    the globe every day, big and small, most recently making news this week
    with temblors in Puerto Rico and southern California.

    They all spring from faults deep underground, but what kind? The impact and
    severity of each quake depends on the answer to that question. (See video:
    “Earthquakes 101.”)

    The Earth’s crust is made of a jigsaw puzzle of continental and oceanic
    plates that are constantly ramming each other, sliding past each other, or
    pulling apart. Along the Ring of Fire girding the Pacific Ocean, for
    example, the seafloor plunges beneath Asia and the Americas, building
    mountains, feeding volcanoes, and triggering earthquakes.

    Most earthquakes arise along such fault zones. The ground first bends and
    then snaps—an earthquake—to release energy along faults. Here are a list of
    the various ways Earth can shake.


  • JUSTIN NATHEN Federigan says:

    i just experienced a 7.2 magnitude

  • Tyler C says:

    engineering sweetheart, something men take care of.

  • Jessey Atafia says:

    ewww i’m at skool and teachr is tellin meeh to search earthquakes on
    youtube …:L
    NO SWAAGGER!!!xox

  • Preppers360 says:

    Plan the things you do when earthquake comes. First, don’t panic!

  • allan reyes says:

    I am just wondering why until now scientist from all over the world cannot
    explain why the plates is moving???!!!! They will always tell you that the
    cause of the earthquake is the movement of the plates!! But what about why

  • anthcybo says:

    Don’t feel bad Japan, we have earthquakes too.

  • iampeeay01 says:

    earthquakes terrifies me more compared to storms…

  • 11gearhead13 says:

    @porsiemprechiva yup. the man who predicted the san francisco earthquake
    also predicted the one for next week tht might hit us.

  • DrBrainsurferCH says:


  • GCM WATCH says:

    oh no!!

  • Thinker297 says:

    Do you know if we lived in Tents or Small Villages and i mean small no one
    will die alll we will feel is the force ofit but if there is nothing to
    fall in on us we wont die unless we fall into a cavern in the ground

  • cooljustin127 says:

    @NurseTambay fucking Pussy LOL Die For Real no man knows the time or Date
    when he comeing back or when its ending if you read the book nigga you seee

  • eynontyler says:

    Nice pic moonable1

  • paulshhhh says:

    FEAR NOT!!! The end of the earth won’t happen in your lifetime! LOL

  • Mo_Murumasa28 says:

    Does any experts know if minor quakes, and major ones like Japan can
    relieve stress from the San Andreas fault?

  • cooljustin127 says:

    @NurseTambay so thats cool you think thats cool you sick in the fucking
    head noman no the time or date when its ending

  • Cam Morris says:

    Looks incredibly deadly to live near a quake zone.

  • jewbybrother579 says:

    @11gearhead13 yea and the man that predicted 911 also predicted that the
    world was gonna end in 2010. oh no. look out!

  • iscazsw says:

    nice chemtrail at the end there

  • 11gearhead13 says:

    california predicted to hit next….im getting the fk out of here!

  • AmethyriAn17 says:

    ..oh my very scary ~_~

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