Countdown to catastrophe: Earthquake in North America

Visit: VERY IMPORTANT: This video is for education purpose only! Countdown to catastrophe: Earthquake in North America Sourc…

A sizable earthquake has struck off the NW coast of Puerto Rico… a 6.4 magnitude accompanied by several aftershocks in the 4.0 range. ______ Give to the Du…

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  • Greg False Flag says:

    Well, the good news is if it hits the Pacific NW it will wipe out a huge
    number of the liberal population. Bring it on!

  • radstorm says:

    I have always wondered why the Pacific is so active and the Atlantic so
    quiet? Also National Geographic has a really awesome graphics department :)

  • deb taylor says:

    I live in Dallas,Tx and I remember the big quake that happened in
    Mexico,and we felt it here as well. I was on the 8th floor at Children’s
    Medical Center,and all of a sudden the building started moving from side to
    side. Didn’t really feel any shaking but found out the next morning,that
    Mexico was hit with an 8.9 earthquake and they confirmed that the movement
    of the building was the cause of the Mexico Earthquake.

  • sith lord says:

    yo mamma is so fat when she walked down the street people yelled EARTHQUAKE

  • Haynezy24 says:

    Found this so interesting, and do fear for the people on that West Coast of
    the US, however, I can see why no-one seems to be panicking as the graphics
    bit just showed the resulting Tsunami look pretty weak.
    However, I reckon it will be much worse than expected and has put me off
    going Seattle until it happens!

  • ARCHEROO78 says:

    Not just in North America.. Also in newly developed parts of the world.. 

  • Boo freddy says:

    false flag a name that speaks for itself now for earthquake ideas i would
    bet all major rivers in the world set on or near a fault line 

  • Apply Orchards says:

    So this could eliminate the majority of alternate sexual people in the
    world, then.

  • Deb Reed says:

    Shame on you Greg!!!!

  • Richard Greer says:

    Countdown to catastrophe: Earthquake in North America:

  • Apply Orchards says:

    San francisco, seattle portland and vancouver, the homophobic quake of

  • Physhead says:

    It surprised me, that with all the information about what is going on in
    the ground… nobody noticed the sky! The ground is a natural disaster we
    may be able to predict, but cannot stop. The sky however; on almost EVERY
    shot; was FULL of Chemtrails. That is an event that takes place ALL OVER

  • mws123 says:

    i am a geologist. No you don’t have to worry about anything with this
    earthquake. You have to be far more worried about tornado.

  • resculptit says:

    There’s nothing more here than old news reels. Nothing. The sources are all
    mixed from SouthEast Asia to New Orleans to Pakistan. This is just
    sensationalism with video and has NO educational purpose. It’s a waste of
    time even bothering with making this video – much less watching it.

  • mws123 says:

    I am geologist, if anyone has any questions about this quake feel free to
    ask away.

  • Thomas Scully says:

    There is also high terrain raised by the techtonic plates in front of
    Vancouver, Seattle, etc, will it not drop with a big earthquake? There’s
    also a river leading to those cities, with all that involved + tsunami
    don’t you think there’s a chance for those cities to do an Atlantis???
    People were shocked with what happened to Japan and many others, this is
    why I wondered and still do about this thought dude. :/

  • Thomas Scully says:

    A tornado in that area, wtf???

  • mws123 says:

    it won’t wipe out the cities but all coastal zones will be severely

  • mws123 says:

    it will. You could expect the terrain to both drop and push outward towards
    the pacific ocean by 10-20 feet. I don’t necessarily believe in Atlantis so
    no i guess it can’t do an Atlantis lol. But what you can do is try to
    predict how large the earthquake will be (8.5-.9.5) with that you can look
    at similar quakes and then research what happened and if there are any
    similar terrains. If there is then you could reasonably expect that to
    happen there as well.

  • mws123 says:

    the point of this video is to show people what the strength of the
    earthquake would be, where to expect them and what to expect when it
    happens. what more do you want from this

  • Thomas Scully says:

    Heracleion (Thonis) and a few others in the Mediterranean, Bay of Cambay
    (India) etc, are just 2 examples of cities that we know of, how many could
    there be that we don’t know of. Modern day London is at risk of going bye
    bye, UK has underwater villages all over. Atlantis is legend and we often
    find truth in those legends. To fob off what I suggest makes me question
    your credentials, especially when you state to be more worried about
    tornados in that area dude.

  • GamleErik100 says:

    A significant earthquake in the New Madrid zone can affect Kansas to a

  • hebneh says:

    Japan has the best tsunami warning system in the world, not to mention a
    population that’s been drilled in evacuation procedures since birth, and
    their comparable earthquake and tsunami in 2011 killed 20,000 people. So –
    keep that in mind.

  • Rue Ryuuzaki says:

    for some reason this video stops around the middle, it wont load till the

  • Defenstrator says:

    Kind of missing the point there. While a nice piece of historical fiction,
    especially the very well written King James version, it has nothing to do
    with reality. Rea;ity is tectonic faults, subduction zones, and hot spots
    in the earths crust. Revelation is a hermit who was eating too may of the
    local hallucinogens.

  • dutchsinse says:

    1/13/2014 — Large Earthquake Strikes near Puerto Rico — 6.4M event sign
    of greater pressure

  • Chrissy Sumer says:

    Thank You Dutch. 

  • Les Brewer says:

    are all these earthquakes causing the earth to move one way or other more?
    hence polar vortex’s we have been experiencing?or is it do to haarp or the
    fukishima disaster or chemtrails?

  • earthspace102 says:

    Great video. Thanks!

  • annie46664 says:

    THANKS Dutch!
    ~South Africa~ xox

  • Ashley Graetz says:

    of january 2014 have your earthquake brolley and tsunami water proof socks

  • Catherine ---One Nothing Exists But God says:

    But what does all this really mean….as we have seen Dutch doing this for
    years….but nothing ever really happens. So I just creates anxiety.

  • Spaceweather Quake Watch says:

    I agree, though we need more solar activity for this to occur. Quiet niw
    for a few days

  • niol8tion says:

    At same time activity at louisiana sink hole was seen.

  • shinobiedc says:

    I’m in northern part Columbia, SC, this was so strong that some people felt
    it even in Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina. It woke me up last night.
    This is right after the 3 days of the snow and ice storm we had down here.
    Being prepared anywhere you live, is the key:
    The U.S. Geological Survey reported a 4.1 magnitude earthquake Friday night
    centered seven miles west-northwest of Edgefield.
    The quake could be felt throughout South Carolina and Georgia, based on
    social media reports.

  • Bic narok says:

    when does the ISON meteor shower start?

  • Edmund Kratzer says:

    Hey Dutch. Thanks for the Update and to say something MIGHT happen this
    week. lol.. My birthday just happens to be the 18th. lol.. Well lets see
    what happens. You be safe as well my friend. ;) Great job in the news by
    the way. ;)

  • Pamela Funk says:

    Hi Dutch, I was thinking that when a child is born the bones of the head
    must compress to fit through the birth canal and later the fontanel has to
    grow shut; reminds me of the plates of the earth moving…

  • Nick Robinson says:

    Thanks Dutch! A little close to Home. Could a Big one be right around the
    corner, for the U S? Stay tuned! GBY! Peace! Brother Nick

  • Star Sister says:

    so being as New Madrid has cracked off with a 2 something, does that
    relieve pressure there or would it place more pressure on the upper half of
    the New Madrid?

  • Jose Lorenzo Rodriguez says:

    Dirty Dutch

  • PROFILESophiaYates says:

    Thanks Dutch. Makes sense for the solar flares and earthquakes but I’m
    wondering about possible drilling or military activity in the Atlantic. Any
    way thanks for the info.

  • stargazeing4gigi says:

    Thanks Dutch for the update as I am in CA… I follow you on FB as well :) 

  • Cardinal EVE says:

    thank you

  • Morgan Freeman says:

    your music sucks
    ~Narrated by Morgan Freeman

  • jrae says:

    Dutch, did you get my text yesterday? Denver here. I think this is
    important…..much love, 

  • GamRodz53 says:

    I was awake working in a video that night, and me and my wife run out of
    the house. (thanks D.)

  • Atoyota says:

    1st you did not mention the 5.1 in CUBA and the smaller quakes along the
    east coast (3)
    there are 3 channels of energy, 1: through wash/Oregon east to Yellowstone.
    2: (main channel) California (primarily southern) east by ne through Utah
    to Denver and across the 35th to New Madrid. And last (3rd channel) from
    Guatemala to Haiti….
    The main channel is movement below the Canadian shield flowing along the
    35th, and once past the southern tip affects the east coast
    This past month and enormous amount of energy has been delivered

  • Gonzalo Medina says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • Hannahcode1 says:

    Thanks for the report Dutch,

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