5/5/2012 — Earthquake overview — North / Central / South America – Asia – S. Pacific, Europe

Use the links here to monitor earthquakes globally: sincedutch.wordpress.com Always have your earthquake preparedness plans ready to go — as you may well know — earthquakes can strike at any time , especially in already seismically prone areas. Add in the current slight earthquake unrest globally — and you begin to see the greater picture , that having a plan (and knowing it well is a good idea….. Food, water, shelter, transportation, communications, power source, clothing… all things you need to plan and prepare for — possibly even self defense in certain scenarios. Make sure yourself, loved ones/friends, family etc.. know the plan and are able to also enact it at a moments notice. Be safe, and much love to one another ==dutch==
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  • DjSegueOregon says:

    i think that the pressure from the pacific plate rotating in a counter clock wise motion evadent in the hawaian island chain and its movement of time. i see the north american craton now lockedone unit moving north.west i expect the slide of the plate along the san adres to move at a greater rate bringing the 5.0 plus earth quakes north out of mexico into cali and north to BC canada. the movment is in my therory due the the solor maxiume that continues to increase.

  • nigella4me says:

    We had a 2.5 earthquake here in New Mexico on May 7th, not a common thing around here.

  • ninendowii2000 says:

    you all have won a life time supply of earthquakes 20000 , , feel the tremble ,, watch as buildings collapse and your coffee is spilled!

  • Qtip43 says:


  • boldforjesus says:

    You’re right, but Dutchsinse thinks he is a Christian. Even other people think he is a Christian.

  • appledrank says:

    Paul was a believer and so was Peter…. Jesus left the church to Peter. The word says not to judge non christians. 1 corinthian 5:12-13. Please, do us all a favor and let God do his job. Also, steering someone away from God is a very big problem in the eyes of God. Im sure your intentions were pure, but the way you’re speaking to others arent helping God’s case. Ghandi said ” I like your Christ. I do not like your christians. They are so unlike your Christ… Even Ghandi knew be Christlike!

  • JWolfy76 says:

    wow..too much of recent quakes. Will it get worse? I live in Florida. I know I have to watch out for the tsunami !!

  • kkof007s says:

    here is a 3min yube video about ETs & EDs holding together the San Andreas fault (among other natural needs to preserve humanity) …/watch?v=mXhHhSh0BSw and while i’m at it FINALLY a decent video of smart A-list type actors doing a video on yube about the crimes against americans and the possible ‘a Second War for Independence’ in the USofA …/watch?v=rjOZOnye9QY peace love & light xoxo

  • Nita Peltier says:

    Hey Dutch, thanks so much for your great work; this is a good follow up to your info, Cheers ! Dr Deagle Show 2012/04/20 – Earth Changes youtube dot com /watch?v=HqkLtjbKS-E

  • Inimbrium says:

    Guys, I wouldn’t worry about these christians if I were you. Let them believe in ignorance and that their god will save them, and let them be removed from the gene pool by their own doing when their ridiculous churches fall on their heads. Natural selection at work right here!

  • L2design says:

    WEIRD NO BIG QUAKE…. i was expecting a big one with the supermoon

  • unterredetu says:

    mexico cant stop moving

  • MrHurricaneTracker says:

    I agree with you Dutch there is a pattern that continues every 3-6 months thanks

  • TheSnoweh says:

    Thanks! Love all the added info. (:

  • Jenifer Haney says:

    You are doing such Needed research! It should be on msnews but what am I saying they all have their blinders on and their tongues bridled with a threat on their lives if they tell truth. Thank You again! ❤ to You too
    My kids are out of college and traveling out to Washington and I’m terribly concerned so I will be watching.

  • MrSavetherepublic says:

    Thanks for your research and videos Dutch. I don’t understand why people come to your channel if they don’t want to hear what you have to say. Early this week, you warned of tornadoes in the north mid-west and people died from those tornadoes that came. I see nothing wrong with warnings and being prepared. Keep up the fine work. Some of us know that nobody can tell exactly what is going to happen.

  • THEredrumrob says:

    LOL Nothing like trying to insult someone & leaving an entire word out ROFLMFAO I need more coffee before dealing with morons like him :-| Do you think he knows that the vast majority of what’s in the Bible was coppied from the Egyptians & Sumerians, sort of like how the “Religeous Holidays” are mostly Pegan in origin?

  • THEredrumrob says:

    Dutch, did anyone report in on the phenominal storm we had just North of Austin, TX last night? I watched it for 2 hours, moving slowly from the West/North West before it finaly came over us. A little rain but lighting like I’ve rarely, if ever, seen. SO much power in that one bud. It was insane!

  • THEredrumrob says:

    You a blithering idiot bfj, plain & simple. Take your hatered, lies & drivel somewhere else.

  • boldforjesus says:

    I HAVE removed the plank from my own eye, and now I see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” (Matt. 7:5). The point is don’t be a hypocrite who preaches against sin yet lives a life of doing the same thing. I practice what I preach, and I do not practice what I preach against, so I can handle my own judgment. That means I can help people, because I am real, not a pretender who preaches against sin but lives a life of it. I BEAT the devil like I BEAT a drum. People need rebuked.

  • boldforjesus says:

    When people tell me to shut up I get louder. I don’t obey lost people. You are lost & you prove it with your words. Revilers (people who use abusive language) will not inherit the kingdom of God. (1 Cor. 6:9,10)

    Jesus said, “For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts… false witness, blasphemies (speech injurious to another’s good name). These are the things which defile a man.” (Matthew 15:19,20)

    Jesus said, “unless you repent you will all likewise perish.” (Luke 13:3)

  • D4GG312 says:

    no play the VIDEO- whats up with that JAPAN Crazy Lightning and thunder all day clearing up by NIGHT- gulp gulp more beer….KEEP UP the good work DUTCH! JAPAN signing out…

  • Rockland19621947 says:

    Sounds like you might have a troll under the bridge Dutch…High Five on your good videos…Peace

  • lawtonokieguy says:

    Seriously dude, just shut up…..no one cares for what you say do or whatever, so go take your trolling ass else where….

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