4/29/2012 — 5.9M earthquake off the coast of Honshu Japan — 50 miles from Tokyo

Full website post with the links and statistics.. plus links you can use to monitor earthquakes globally: sincedutch.wordpress.com The past 24 hours .. we saw a 6.7M in the southwest Pacific (Tonga) north of New Zealand…. and now a 5.9M in Japan. Be aware of this ongoing rollercoaster of large earthquake swarms. We see them occur in clusters.. so be aware we may be seeing another uptick in seismic activity. Website post here with the statistics and the links you can use to monitor earthquakes globally : sincedutch.wordpress.com Always have your earthquake plans, (and severe weather plans) ready to go… make sure yourself, and your loved ones / friends / or coworkers know the plan and can enact it at a moments notice.

Full website post with all the stats and screenshot proof.. plus links you can use to monitor earthquake — stay current on these developments — also to see if they ever add this one back to the list ! sincedutch.wordpress.com 4.0 magnitude earthquake in SW Wyoming is rather sizable for the area .. surprised they deleted this one quite frankly… even for the USGS .. this one will get noticed by even the skeptics as a “WTH” moment.

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  • cbemerine says:

    Darn USGS hiding the truth…rat-$astards.

  • DDoyleReynolds says:

    Go back and watch more vids. It is illuminating and instructive. Yes, one event may cause another. Just as a dead tree may fall and take out a healthy one, a shared fault line, a shared plate, especially in an unstable region…we have no business playing around there. This is like the little Dutch boy, instead of putting his finger in the hole in the dam to plug it, DRILLING more holes instead!

    Somewhat makes me wonder if some are actually trying to create an event. Careless at best.

  • DDoyleReynolds says:

    feegnOme was trying to beat me up over my concern over quakes moving closer to Yellowstone. He went off on me because the quake was “no where near Yellowstone.” Does not much understand plate tectonics. Therefore he assumed, I suppose, I was saying Yellowstone CAUSED the quake. !? My point was only that Yellowstone is as close as the closest fault line. One event sharing a fault line can have a ripple effect for many hundreds of miles. Meh. He’s a goober.

  • Apolloadama1 says:

    Yet more evidence Yellowstone is about to have a super eruption. The government knows, keeps it secret & sweeps events like this under the rug, logically that is the smart thing to do as telling the public will only create mass chaos & panic on a global level. A super eruption will kill off most life & create a global ice age. Tonights gravitational pull of the supermoon may just set it off

  • Twidget0831 says:

    I haven’t followed much, to be honest only this one. I hope he doesn’t blame everything on fracking, but for something to be surrounded by frack sites, and only be .5 miles deep; if fracking didn’t cause it, it sure didn’t help it…

  • dutchsinse says:

    who is blaming every earthquake on fracking?

  • DDoyleReynolds says:

    I don’t believe they are mutually exclusive. I don’t see how you can believe that one cannot affect the other. Was there a fracking site up there in Canada? How about all the swarms in California? Fracking sites? How about that huge one in the middle of the Atlantic. Never saw one there before. Fracking site?

    Yes, Doomsaying exclusively is not constructive, but just as silly to blame EVERYthing on fracking. So why don’t YOU go away?

  • lightbeauty says:

    Is anyone able to view the Fontenelle Reservoir on Google Earth? I cannot. It’s the area when the seismic activity has taken place.

  • lightbeauty says:

    For some reason I am not able to even view the area using Google Earth. I almost never have problems…. Hummmmmmm

  • klingonnuts says:

    Why does the US sanitize their readings for seismic activity? For that matter why does NASA sanitize the pictures taken of space?How is it that no one but myself is asking this? Surly someone else out there is thinking the same thing. Do the people in the USGS and NASA think were idiots or blind?! Because clearly we have been lied to, and frankly it’s somewhat insulting. Dutch this video is the kinda stuff that may have gotten your account frozen for that short time a while back.Great vid though

  • feegn0me says:

    The quakes were NO where close to Yellowstone. Yellowstone is fine at the moment. No earthquake swarms. These are fracking events. People need to get a grip. Why do you think the media is not taking fracking seriously? Because the bible beaters and doomsdayer junkies won’t shut up about the end of the world. Please just go away so we can actually get the scientific community interested enough to take Fraking induced Earthquakes seriously.

  • domeschino says:

    I am only serving you on a silver plate the solution to all our problem which is meditating. That’s all.
    Spirituality is the answer. They took it away from us, we are spiritual beings. They are so many things about the Energy in the Universe that we are not aware of it’s unbelievable. Elevate your spirit to an higher frequency. They lowered the frequency to enslave us in this planet with cars, sex, religions,tv, etc….. There are civilizations out there millions of years more advanced than us

  • dutchsinse says:

    they are now trying to say the 4.5 in the SW of the state was an “echo from the mine blast on the OTHER SIDE OF THE STATE ” … lol…. and people believe that crap ! ?

  • DDoyleReynolds says:

    Seriously!? A different one? Proximity to Yellowstone with this stuff makes me twitchy.

    Thank you for your diligence!

  • TheKith88 says:

    And i’m sick of those atheists/agnostics/unbelievers, who don’t want to allow freedom of speech. Or freedom to type what they want. You expect us to listen to your theory’s, but not others? Prove to me that this world is not headed for destruction, like Revelations says, and then i will take u seriously. You do realize that Fukushima alone is killing us all right? If u don’t understand something, then expect that only your allowed to say or type something,then u will get along well with the NWO.

  • feegn0me says:

    I am sick of the religious nut jobs yapping about the endtimes. It seems fairly obvious that weather modification (HAARP) is going on. HAARP can also generate seismic activity. Most of the US earthquakes can be attibuted to Fracking. The Poles are not going to shift. This Mayan nonsense is just that, nonsense. You end of the world wackos make it impossible for us to actually engage in real discussion regarding the impact of HAARP and Fracking on Planet Earth.

  • 1Alchemistic says:

    What? Are you saying there were 2 eq’s reported in MN? Are you sure you saw that right?

  • TeamMCSRacing says:

    good find Dutch! on pads like those each set of tanks are plumbed into a separator to remove the fluids from the gas, it is then ran through a pump and into a injection well ” not to be confused with a frack” and injected at around 600psi. in the frack process, the well is first drilled drilled, cased, perforated, then it is fracked under around 3,000 to 5,000 psi, the fracking operation usually takes around 3 hours and they’re outta there! in that area they use a nitrogen frack.

  • Clickbombed says:

    Thanks again Dutch it seems my family has some oil wells in Nebraska and we are concerned about the earthquake and the ground water pollution so I appreciate this information. My uncle and myself are looking at shutting down our oil wells fairly soon.

  • THEredrumrob says:

    ..cont..from us”(convenient, no?) where it periodicaly pokes it head out one side or the other “so the Faithful Awake Ones can see it & take rare screen shots” well, if they’re faster than “NASA’s program that auto deletes PlanetX” something “EVERYONE knows they use to try to hid PlanetX”. *rolls eyes*

  • THEredrumrob says:

    …cont..on this “invisible, meandering PlanetX” that was supposed to destroy the Earth in 2003 but “psych!” “it was just a lie to try to expose the worldwide governmental coverup” at which time, or as late as 2008(or 10, depending on the Lemming asked) “it came to a stop on the opposite side of the Sun…cont..

  • THEredrumrob says:

    Any sane, awake person would take ZetaTalk with a 5 gallon bucketfull of salt. “Go kill your pets while I channel the Zetas to find out what to tell you to do next” Nancy & her Lemmings will blame, quite literally, EVERYTHING on Earth, in/on the the Sun & in Solar System….cont…

  • ManWithNoNameMe says:

    not convinced by your argument that it is caused by fracking…the magnitude is too high for that…something else is occurring….and not the first earthquake that has been dropped…’it says it to me’ that there is a cover up going on………fracking is trying to throw you off the scent!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ManWithNoNameMe says:

    see zetatalk.com 

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