2/09/2014 — Earthquake Overview — Midwest Movement , New Madrid Frost Quake + East Coast

Full website post with graphics, and links explaining the craton edge, earthquakes induced by fracking, and current seismic activity: http://dutchsinse.tatoo…
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  • dutchsinse says:

    6.9m hit western china, 3.5m hit yellowstone, 2.6m hit north carolina east
    coast….. in order, just as expected….. (today feb 12 2014)

  • dutchsinse says:

    If you cannot see this video.. (blacked out by YT for some reason).. here
    is a link to my new video site . Several CAN see the video here on YT…
    lol.. and several people can’t.


  • dutchsinse says:

    lol … bye bye youtube.. all black.. check my dailymotion page for the
    WORKING video..

  • annie46664 says:

    THANKS Dutch!
    That BLACK screen doesn’t only happen to you, it’s happening to lots of
    folk, especially popular vloggers etc. that are accessed by a big volume of
    viewers at the same time … or so it seems … but just renew screen & it
    sorts itself out after a while. :)
    ~Durban~ xox

  • rotobo1 says:

    Lift him UP, Everyday! Your supposed to do that! TANKS, THE B>R>A>N>C>H>

  • Marina A says:

    Good Research Michael. I knew someone from Vanuatou and he used to
    pronounce it Vanwatoo. 

  • alicia dwyer says:

    small quake in PA. I cant find fracking. would you mind taking a look?

  • kim scudiero says:

    Great info Dutch…I enjoyed this video alot…love to hear you so joyful!

  • rotobo1 says:

    Good Day Dutch, BRAVO! YOU SIR ARE A BRAVE MAN! The Lord is with you now I
    see!! YELLOWSTONE, yes, YELLOWSTONE, GONNA GO! The fracking in E. MT is
    horrid! Ruined! Eastern Montana is poisened, by the Oil whore! Remember the
    U.S. military war criminal machine consumes the MOST OIL! The DoD uses
    360,000-400,000 barrels of oil each day. This amount makes the DoD the
    single largest oil consumer in the world. There are only 35 countries in
    the world consuming more oil than DoD alone.>The U.S. Air Force is the
    largest oil consumer within all the DoD services< The U.S. Air Force, is bibically SATAN! This I know, Rev 9:11 THE DESTOYER! D>U>M>B> Dulce, Alien aganda, so on! BOO on U.S. A.F. >WAR CRIMINALS< Depleted Uranium is a WAR CRIME! thought that over 795 Tons of cans and bottles in the ditches was bad,(the filthy Masonic run State of Mt wont give a refund, like OREGON, and others do!) I had a dream that Great Falls MT was nuked! (Thank God it wasnt a nightmare) That is also THE BASE of Satan, REV. 2:13."I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan's seat is! They know that BABYLON will be split into 3 parts, in one hour! REV. 16: 17. And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done. 18. And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great. 19. And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath.ZEC 8. And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the Lord, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein. BYE BYE mr. big, contrail, loser, tunnel digger,(over 6000 mi A.F. tinnels under the U.S.A.) Alien pawn scum ass licker! Eisenhower met-em let-em in! Now mr. A.F. lettem in the TUNNELS, The filthy GREYS! They are one UGLY Son of a B*#! And then here in Mt. the Most Heavely Armed place in the World! FATT PATRIOTS, WE WANT GUN, THEN WE WILL FIGHT? Worlds greatest PUSSIEZZZ! They Won The World CHAMPIONSHIP for the TITLE! Now the 2014 contest for THE WORLDS MIGHTEST MEN! Well, folks, that pretty much covers it for (Today anyhow) TANKS, Pastor, Chief, General B>R>A>N>C>H> Hot Springs,
    Montana. P.S. read yer Bible! GO TO my Google plus acct. and SEE!

  • sheri prom says:

    Why not allow fracking when as a country, natural process is going to occur
    such as the tectonic plate moving is going to change our U.S. Our countries
    leaders will do what is best for us to succeed as a world leader in light
    of the things we do not control such as yellow stone blowing up! What
    difficult choices to make for our country. We pay our government to look
    out for our best interest.

  • gofuc urmom says:

    This is by far one of the best channels on YT. I seen this vid posted
    before the quake we had here a couple days ago in New England and wasn’t
    surprised because I’ve followed this channel off and on for years. Thank
    you for sharing your findings brother!

  • MarkMerejen Borders says:

    Dude those yellow pins can be exchanged for various images and colors.
    Wouldn’t it be easier for everyone to see what you are trying to say if we
    saw Green Earthquakes and Red Fracking facilities????

  • -Deborah Blair, MS, Ph.D-Healing Into Authenticity says:

    Dutchsinse- Thank you so much – as usual! for the helpful information.
    You spend so much time, effort and focus on bringing us the news that we
    need to know about these earthquakes and what the fracking, etc are
    causing. Thank you for warning and encouraging people to be prepared – it
    is too late to do it at the time of — bug out bags, food and water for
    family, friends and pets – supplies at the office and in the car can help
    when disaster suddenly hits. I was in the 8.6? in Japan in 1974 and have
    worked with people from California quakes and other natural disasters – –
    we don’t want to be paranoid – we just want to be prepared as this can make
    or break our getting out. Even for the economy for the last 15 years I
    have encouraged people to save and get food supplies in for the family and
    pets – – if you have 6 months or a year – – then job lay offs, downturns,
    crashes can be survived – it just takes good sense planning. Thank you
    again for contributing to the quality of life of this planet!

  • Debbie Turnbull says:

    Hey, Good info like always ! What ya said about night and being ready is
    not no Joke..I Felt earthquakes when living in calif, Scarey an they seem
    to happen at night . for some reason or early in mor…you are good Thank
    You !,I keep up on them my self always have !

  • Joseph E McCluskey says:

    The crust is expanding, apparently. 

  • sortofawesome says:

    Thanks Dutch! 

  • Bryon Terranova says:

    Thanks again Dutch!

  • Tom Skilling says:

    Cool I hope we get a 10.9

  • SpyroWhoPvP says:

    Its just loading the video in 1 hour or so it will show it,

  • THEfreethinkerfreeloverCHANNEL says:

    This video is a great earthquake overview by Dutchsinse.
    To learn more about major New Madrid earthquakes and their connection
    to frost quake mechanisms (and more), see my video Frost Quake Mechanisms
    as a Trigger for Major New Madrid Fault Earthquakes .

  • MsPegasus21 says:

    Worked for Me

  • Stacie Baggett says:

    I couldn’t believe what I passed on my way to Houston from corpus. A sign
    advertising fraking 

  • Lucien Macrose says:

    Scary thought: just a few miles from the new madrid fault, the TVA has nuk
    plants. One gaseous diffusion plant in west KY. Fukishima in the middle of
    America, that’s a real comfort there guys. Think we should stop the
    fracking AND shut down the nuks? I do. When the world is poisoned from one
    end to the other, what will you spend your money on?

  • Mark Adesso says:

    Vid worked fine – good bug out bag advice 

  • TREE HUGGAH says:

    great great video.thanks for all you do.

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