Warm front or Cold front?

Question by ohbabyohbaby: Warm front or Cold front?
Does a warm front or cold front produce more rainfall?

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Answer by Ron da Don
cold front

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  • moose says:

    I think it a warm front.

  • TQUEEN says:

    i believe its a warm front…not sure tho but i know for a fact that the mix of the two produces a tornado!

  • cshinson says:

    Cold fronts cause more intense rainfall rates due to a rapid vertical rise in the moist air ahead of the front but are usually of short duration.

    A warm front may cause a longer period or rainfall but it is usually of a less intense variety.

  • jammin g says:

    ding ding ding!!! corrrrrrrrecto!!

    sorry dude, the guy up top, your “years of watching the news” just aren’t coming in handy right now.

    cold fronts are known for their violent thunderstorms because when a cold air mass meets a warm air mass, they have mad air mass sex. there’s lots of updrafts, hail, rain, blowing wind….even tornados. but, as you well know, they just don’t last long. that mad air mass sex just doesn’t take as long as it should.

    but a warm front……ooooooh yeah. there’s an old saying that as long as it takes to get here, that’s how long it will rain. low stratus sits for days and the rain pours for hours in a warm front. it’s just a slow mix of the two air masses – a slow love, if you will – that allows precip to build. they’re fun in the spring as warm air glides across from the southeastern us. that slow, not-quite-cold-but-don’t-wanna-go-outside rain. mmmmm.

  • Arasan says:

    Only a cold front produces heavy rainfall.When cold front approaches, it replaces the warm air in front and lifts it(slope of cold front is also steeper than that of the warm front).Because of this lift,convection is produced resulting in heavy rain ,thunderstorms,turbulence and line-squalls.
    As the slope of a warm front is not steep ,the warm front,when it approaches the cold air in front, gently slides over it and the lift is gradual. so stratiform clouds are usually produced .If the ascending warm air is conditionally unstable,scattered Cb cloud and Ac cloud may sometimes form with precipitation.The precipitaion may be light and continuous with longer duration.

  • Richard W says:

    It depends on many factors. A warm front or cold front could produce more rainfall depending on the intensity of the rain, the duration of the rain and the strength of the front. In fact the warm front usually drops more rain because even though rain is lighter it falls over a much larger area and moves slower. Cold front is usually brief and showery even if heavy. Generally, the warm front will drop more rain.

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