Climate Change?????????????????

Question by Tula*: Climate Change?????????????????
I need some help with my geography the question is :

The impact of climate change on (some country) Your choice: Where is it? Give a clear paragraph locating it. Don’t make it too big e.g. a whole continent.
Second Heading: The evidence for climate change at this location.
Why do we think this particular location is likely to have climatic change? Think of the causes and results of climate change discussed in class.
What is happening now or could happen in the future?
How can we see this or even forecast the possible changes?
When is the change likely to happen?

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  • speakeasy says:

    North America has been experiencing powerful climate change for the past 18,000 years.

    During the last Ice Age, the glacial northern ice cap extended down into the American Midwest, covered over New York under a mile of ice, and down into California.

    Since the warming period began, the glaciers have been driven back by about 2,000 miles to the top of Canada and Greenland. New land has been exposed for forests, wildlife, agriculture and human habitation. We now have build cities on land that was once crushed under that deadly ice. The fertile soil of the Midwest is a result of glaciers pulverizing rocks into powder. In New York’s Central Park, we can see rock that was sculpted and grooved by the mile-high glaciers that once ground across them. Long Island, off the coast of New York, is the remains of an ancient glacier that deposited its rocks as it broke off into the ocean. Off the Chesapeke Bay, the ocean floor shows scars from a massive flood resulting from the water breaking out from the Great Lakes as the ice disintegrated.

    The warming period has been going on for a long time. There is no reason to expect it to stop. Or is there?

    We know that about a thousand years ago, the Medieval Warm Period had warmed the Earth so much that Vikings farmed on Greenland. Then it got colder again and ice reclaimed the land. Now, the ice is again melting back and perhaps humans can once again farm and live there.

    The climate change is not constant – it has its ups and downs. Only now are we beginning to return to the warmth that was enjoyed during the Medieval Warm Period.

  • grovesmuk says:

    The Ministry for the Environment in New Zealand have published a climate change report specifically for new zealand, that would be a good starting point

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