Climate Change: Picturing the Science

Climate Change: Picturing the Science

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An unprecedented union of scientific analysis and stunning photography illustrating the effects of climate change on the global ecosystem. Going beyond the headlines, this work by leading NASA climate scientist Gavin Schmidt and master photographer Joshua Wolfe illustrates as never before the ramifications of shifting climate. Photographic spreads show retreating glaciers, sinking villages in Alaska’s tundra, and drying lakes. The text follows adventurous scientists through the ice

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5 Responses to “Climate Change: Picturing the Science”

  • Scott A. Mandia says:

    Review by Scott A. Mandia for Climate Change: Picturing the Science
    As noted by the authors, this book was structured around a medical metaphor of symptoms, diagnosis, and possible cures. The book is a collection of essays from scientists from many fields: climatology, meteorology, biology, geology, oceanography, chemistry, climate modeling, environmental politics, astrophysics, and other fields, so it becomes clear to the reader how climate change has impacted all aspects of planet Earth. The authors have summarized the latest research in climate science in a style that makes the information very accessible to the non-scientist.

    The authors also make it clear what is well known vs. what is not well known in the rapidly evolving field of climate science. A very fair representation of the current science.

    For those looking for more actual data, there are better books, but this book is an excellent resource for the general public and I have listed it on my Global Warming Website linked below.

    Scott A. Mandia, Professor – Physical Sciences


  • David R. Cassatt says:

    Review by David R. Cassatt for Climate Change: Picturing the Science
    This book provides an excellent introduction to the science behind climate change and the options we have available to us. Climatologist Gavin Schmidt of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and photographer Joshua Wolfe have collected a variety of scientists, photographers, science historians and science writers who tell and show the story of what may be the biggest challenge facing us. Difficult concepts are explained clearly for the reader just trying to sort out the conflicting information that is out there, but there is also something for those who have kept up with the science. The authors do not try to show a false balance, but do explain where the uncertainties lie.

    There are a number of books that are worth reading; what makes this book of particular value is the striking photography; from the “bathtub rings” of Lake Meade to the destruction caused by bark beetles. The pictures of scientists in the field and in their labs and offices (Wally Broecker’s office is truly notable) are a nice touch. The writing, although contributed by different authors, is excellent and the chapters are well-integrated. The chapters that stand out to this reviewer are 1. “Taking the Temperature of the Planet” by Peter deMenocal, 6. “Climate Drivers” by Tim Hall and 7. “Studying Climate” by Drs. Schmidt and deMenocal. The essays and photo-essays that follow many of the chapters provide further snippets of information.

    One quibble I have is that the book does not provide extensive notes. The reader is directed to books, web sites and the IPCC reports, but some original sources and scientific review papers would help the more advanced reader. But the strengths of the book are such that his book belongs up there with other excellent climate-related books such as Elizabeth Kolbert’s “Field Notes from a Catastrophe”, David Archer’s “The Long Thaw” and Joseph Romm’s “Hell and High Water”. It is truly worth a read.

  • Future Watch Writer says:

    Review by Future Watch Writer for Climate Change: Picturing the Science
    This book brings to life the fact that climate change is not an intellectual theory. It’s happening right now as you read this all around the world. Even worse is the fact that the pace of climate change is picking up speed, faster than the worst predictions of most experts. For other books like this I would recommend Extreme Ice Now: Vanishing Glaciers and Changing Climate: A Progress Report and the PBS documentary Extreme Ice.

  • John W. Burgeson says:

    Review by John W. Burgeson for Climate Change: Picturing the Science
    Gavin Schmidt is an actual (gasp) climate scientist, one who has published extensively in the peer reviewed science journals. He moderates the web site

    Al Gore’s AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH is OK at a popular level. For those wanting more — this is a good place to start.

    The AGW denialists will hate it!

    John Burgeson

  • FreedomRide says:

    Review by FreedomRide for Climate Change: Picturing the Science
    This book provides a useful précis of current climate science accompanied by enjoyable photographs.

    Those looking for in depth explanations of anthropogenic climate change will not find them here, but thorough education is not the book’s goal. I found it informative and enjoyable.

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