Climate change is simple: David Roberts at TEDxTheEvergreenStateCollege

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The Fox News Sunday Panel weighs in with a compelling discussion over the impact of Barack Obama’s pitch for Billion Funding for a Climate Change Program….
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25 Responses to “Climate change is simple: David Roberts at TEDxTheEvergreenStateCollege”

  • Frederick Nelson says:

    Every major scientific organization is saying climate change is real. NASA,
    the EPA, IPCC, AAAS, ACS. AGU, AMA, etc., the list goes on. These groups
    comprise thousands of scientists from around the world. To simply dismiss
    people who do science for a living is naive at best. If you don’t
    understand the reasons why they are saying this then please go educate
    yourself but to disagree with the entire scientific community with
    statements like “Man does not and has not created as much Carbon pollution
    as just one Volcano, and and most any day there are several volcano’s who
    are actively spewing pollution.” reflects a lack of research and ignorance.
    200 worldwide scientific organizations hold the position that climate
    change has been caused by human action. 97 percent! I mean dang… are we
    just going to say they are wrong…. NASA, EPA, The Academy of Sciences
    etc. Africa, Albania, Australia, Bangladesh, Britain! Every one is saying
    it is being caused by humans, 97 percent! lol I just don’t understand how a
    politician can disagree with a hoard of scientists. Definitely read some
    of the scientific reports about this issue, they are very detailed and are
    peer reviewed by scientists from around the world who don’t have any
    political interest in US politics.

  • Danny Kroll says:

    The gov’ts around the world shoot nukes in the skies, space, land and seas,
    but it’s our Twinkie wrapper causing the problems on earth. You have huge
    mega multinational corporations polluting our waters with dyes, chemicals
    and oils, but the problem is our farting. So now the solution is the
    creation of another agency who in the end won’t know, won’t tell us, yet
    charge us endlessly to be safe of course. TOTAL CACA.

  • nextdrink45 says:

    Climate Change, or Global Warming, or whatever the hell their are calling
    it this week is and always will be nothing but a HOAX!!
    But IF it is real, and IF we as humans have any impact on it at all, we’d
    ALL have to go back to life the way it was in the 1800’s. When I say ALL,
    I mean everybody in the world.

  • John Henry Reaves says:

    Obama is either insane, or he is following a plan by certain people who
    seek to take control of the United States by climate change.

    Man does not and has not created as much Carbon pollution as just one
    Volcano, and and most any day there are several volcano’s who are actively
    spewing pollution. EPA is pushing regulations that make no sense for this
    same reason.

    Setting away yet another Billion dollars will only serve to line more
    Progressive pockets.

  • Kara Lyons says:

    cliamte change aka global warming…what a joke…lol

  • vbrunt says:

    A drought is a water related disaster?!?!?!??? WHAAAAT?
    Obama is not insane he has an agenda and more taxes will be needed, more
    government jobs will have to be invented, more useless laws need to be
    passed and more businesses need to be crippled with regulations. Obama is a
    Man on a Mission. He’s gunna make it r”ain” with your tax dollars and fix
    this “man-made-up” crisis. 

  • Matt G. says:

    Conservatives think they can deny science and live in their bubble of
    delusion. I don’t care if they want to be idiots but they’re dragging the
    rest of us with them…

  • Mick Psyphon says:
  • deborah michelle says:

    Try chem trails. They spray our dam skies from dawn to sunset. Its so bad
    the weather, climate and trees are suffering. Not to mention what test
    results are showing up from soil, water even blood. If you want real
    change, then stop spraying poison in our air.

  • ge556 says:

    They really got in all the denialist talking points, except the lie about
    volcanoes producing more CO2. Too bad they didn’t have anyone representing
    the science.
    As for the term global warming being replaced by the term climate
    change–they merely emphasize different aspects of the same thing. Both
    terms have been in use for many decades. Do you suppose they know what
    IPCC stands for?

    The only person who argued for discontinuing the term “global warming” in
    favor of “climate change” was Republican political strategist and global
    warming denier Frank Luntz, “who used focus group results to determine that
    the term ‘climate change’ is less frightening to the general public than
    ‘global warming’.”

  • MrWhy says:



    *Yes, the US represents 5% of world population and ALSO consumes 25% of
    world’s energy!!!! India and China? Why should they stop business as usual
    when the US won’t?
    Why not follow Obama in trying to be a WORLD LEADER instead of being HATED

    1 BILLION DOLLARS? Just to give you an idea the US has spent $915 billion
    on the war in Iraq and is the world’s #1 spender in armed forces. Wars over
    OIL by the way (Hint Hint). You think 1 Billion will make a difference?

    PS- It became Climate Change not because “you couldn’t prove Global
    Warming” but because imbeciles like these guys don’t know the difference
    between CLIMATE and WEATHER so they had to re-phrase it for the
    “politically biased”…

    This is beyond Left and Right….This is the opportunity of our time, if
    the US doesn’t step up, others will lead instead….

  • Achillies Guilt says:

    Matt G is a faggot

  • ratdvek says:

    And Non-Profit Science.

  • Emelson Salazar says:

    yes and the earth is the center of the solar system

  • Max Evans says:

    There’s a few things we should infer from this.
    1. Fox news is made to make viewers watch. It’s not necessarily meant to
    educate. Most viewers are not very knowledgeable about climate change, they
    are ordinary people who don’t understand that to address a question like
    this, you have to know the facts before you start to interpret them, and
    people often get this backwards. KNOW YOUR FACTS. and know a lot of them.
    know both sides well, then consider their implications. I find it
    frustrating that no one shows that chart of VERY dramatic global
    temperature and CO2 levels rising when they discuss this. People believe
    they can think their way through this question and skip the facts, and it
    doesn’t take much thinking once you know the facts.
    2. stop trying to answer a scientific question with a political answer.
    Politics has for some reason adopted this question because they think they
    can change it with laws. Not necessarily true. educating the public might
    have huge implications
    3. we’re spending the same or more money being inefficient than we could be
    spending being efficient. How much do you spend on gas every week? now look
    around you. virtually everything you see in this world can be used as fuel.
    steel? put it in salt water, the oxidation reaction will produce
    electricity. combine the rust with aluminum and ignite it? it burns as
    thermite at thousands of degrees. anything made of wood? get a wood
    gasifier for your truck and you’ll be able to run the engine off of wood.
    things with sugar in them? they can be fermented easily to produce ethanol.
    with the right bacteria, you can even turn wood, such as bamboo (grows very
    fast; sometimes 3 feet a day, and soaks up LOADS of CO2) into sugars which
    can then be fermented into ethanol, again to power things. There’s so many
    different sources of energy, but we don’t invest in them because we don’t
    think change is that feesabel or important, and by the time we will think
    it is because we’ve got hurricanes all across the US every other year and
    miami has massive draining problems in high tide, it will be too late

  • youngjyay says:

    Climate changes all the time, this shift leads to renewed conflicts and in
    time triggers the next change, like a nuclear chain reaction…forming an
    endless spiral that will continue on for eternity. In other words climate
    change is natural, it’s pretty much the same as you throwing up when you’re
    drunk to clean your system out. Its needs to happen!

  • MrKen Pon says:

    hmmm, the drought in Ca is primarily caused by over-farming, but also
    mostly by the EPA and the governments’ over-regulations on the water supply
    there to protect smelt, etc

    Remember the causes of the Dust Bowl of the 30s — it was NOT AGW or CC

    No, so the Congress will not support BHO’s crap, but then there’s BHO’s pen

  • Tom Lehner says:

    The Fox News Sunday Panel weighs in with a compelling discussion over the
    impact of Barack Obama’s pitch for $1 Billion Funding for a Climate Change
    Program. FNC’s Chris Wallace hosts the panel comprised of George Will
    (Syndicated Columnist), Kirsten Powers (USA Today Columnist), Kimberly
    Strassel (The Wall Street Journal), and Charles Lane (The Washington

  • WomackPhotoKCMO says:

    That negro is out of his fucking mind.

  • Jonathan Chamberlain says:

    Climate changes all the time, it’s in God’s hand. Human activities have
    nothing to do with it! 

  • jorny55 says:

    The amount of BS in the comments is high on this one

  • danielxu94560 says:

    And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth
    beast say, Come and see.
    And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was
    Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the
    fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with
    death, and with the beasts of the earth.
    Revelation 6:8.

    Do you know this “pale” horse should be translated to “green” horse?

    Who is death? Hebrews 2:14. The devil rides on the back of this “green”

    What is “the beasts of the earth”?

    The beast is the one world political system comes out of the sea(peoples).
    Revelation 13. This so called new world order is the beast that Daniel saw
    in 7:7. No nation can get away from this beast system.

    Or is it?

    Can’t wait to see Revelation 19:20. Ha….

  • DETTO33 says:

    this ppl and chanel are just puppets for the worlds parasites like the
    rockefeller ,rothschilds.

  • cupera1 says:

    “climate change is a fact.”
    That is not in dispute; climate has been changing and cycling long before
    humans crossed over the land bridge between Alaska and Siberia. Are we
    warmer than during the Little Ice Age, YES. Are we colder than during the
    Medieval Warming Period or the Roman Warm Period, YES. To say the man’s
    effect on the atmosphere compared to the natural forces is like comparing a
    ten story building to a sheet of paper. The argument between the warmers
    and deniers is the effect of man. They are arguing over” is the sheet of
    paper standing on edge or lying flat next to the building.”

  • mhanus76 says:

    17 trillion in debt and he is focused on “climate change”. The liberal

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