What is Acid rain?

Question by Gracie: What is Acid rain?

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Answer by ecolink
Acid rain is precipitation with a lower pH than average rain. Rain is usually about pH 5.6, and acid rain is considered to be about pH 5.1 and below.

The acidity can be caused by various factors, but the most common gases are sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides.

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  • bonjette says:

    acid rain as i can remeber is composed of sulfur dioxide. it is not a natural rain.. hehe. it’s made up chemicals that actually can harm us.

  • deadman says:

    Acid rain is something that occurs when an acidifying gas such as sulfer dioxide or nitrogen oxides enter the atmosphere. When these gasses are exposed to sunlight and rain, they form sulfuric acid and nitric acid, respectively.

    Naturally, rain contains acid from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. However, concentrations of carbon dioxide are currently only about 300 ppm by volume. The carbon dioxide ends up in the rain to form carbonic acid – the same stuff in a carbonated beverage! When the carbonic acid decomposes it comes out of solution – that is why these beverages fizz. In any case, rain has a natural acidity of about 5.60 on the pH scale (7.00 is neutral).

    Nitric acid and sulfuric acid dissociate especially strongly, and so these acids are particularly dangerous to aquatic and terrestrial life. It is also known for breaking down buildings made of marble and lime. Many historical buildings are breaking down due to acid rain.

  • Lauren says:

    When one city has a polluted lake, and the rain comes from that lake. Then the rain clouds will move to the next city, and it will rain polluted water down on that city. Depending on how polluted the lake was, it can be very harmful.

  • neva says:


    Acid rain is precipitation that has acid in it due to pollution.
    Over a long period of time it can…
    kill fish,
    destroy trees/forests,
    damage rivers/streams,
    erode large rocks

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