DRI -“Acid Rain”

Directed by Tony Kunewalder That’s me as the Mad Preacher. I do not own this.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Liquid Tension Experiment (LTE Live) – #6 Acid Rain In January 1999, Petrucci, Portnoy, Levin, and Rudess give an amazing performance of songs from their first and second Liquid Tension Experiment side project. Unlike a Dream Theater performance, this is much less rehearsed… and even with some flaws, the genius and incredible musicianship is undeniable. THESE GUYS ARE SICK!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Spek47 says:

    @guitarristaheavy616 …You’re kidding, right?

  • Ramzteiin says:

    @guitarristaheavy616 lol…

  • guitarristaheavy616 says:

    @BarlowFlip why everyone totally worship JP?
    I mean, he’s good, but not so good to being called “god”, or “jesus”, or “messiah” or something like that
    that’s being a ballsucker
    and I know there’s a bunch of guitar players that are better than JP

  • BarlowFlip says:

    @guitarristaheavy616 for even insinuating Petrucci’s awesomeness is faked you should have to legally remove ‘guitarist’ from your name, as you’ve clearly got your BC Rich stuck up your arse…

  • Telebistro says:

    Fantastic track! BTW few people know that in the 70/80s in the soviet Russia there were a lot of amazing prog rock bands.

    Try for instance ” Snowballs by Horizont ” or “Vocalise by Horizont” and you’ll get a smashing example of original Russian symphonic prog!

  • jesse1291 says:

    Race With Devil on Spanish Highway at 4:56

  • exsequor699 says:

    LTE Lead :-)

  • teemlee51 says:

    Sagovia, Demiola, Morse and Blackmore all sound the way thay did 20 years ago and that’s a GOOOD THING!!!!!

  • destt8 says:

    still awesome

  • aligatorsandwitch72 says:

    Why cant people just like all guitarists and not have a personal bias?

  • inthemood1939 says:

    good jam

  • LuiCduardo says:


  • avivitaba says:

    si sabes contar bro…

  • gloosick says:

    my fave!!!!!!!!
    they are sooo amazing”

  • monkeylemur says:

    First of all, BCSL was supposed to be a short step back to their older sounds that their fans really liked. However, how is Octavarium any similar to their other albums? ToT and SC both heavily differ from BCSL, except for one song which is a suite so it makes sense. Also, find every single resemblance of their first album to their most recent album. You may find a few, but “same music” would imply that the first and BCSL is identical. Guess what? It’s not. Petrucci doesn’t even tap anymore

  • guitarristaheavy616 says:

    explore different kinds of influences?
    man, he’s making the same music he did 20 years ago
    everything sounds the same!

  • monkeylemur says:

    lmao nice argument dumbass. I’ve stated actual flaws in the guitarists mentioned. I’m not saying petrucci’s perfect, but he’s one of the few that’s willing to try out new things and explore many many different kinds of influences and genres. He’s respectful to a lot of the legends out there, and whenever he does covers, he makes sure he follows almost every main element that legend displays and even adds his own twist to it. Also, he can write music. This song is a good example

  • guitarristaheavy616 says:

    haha, another Petrucci’s worshipper…
    I don’t care what you and your worship-mates can say, because you’re blinded by the fake awesomeness of Petrucci

  • monkeylemur says:

    Marty Friedman’s skills are not good but he knows how to write music, yngwie malmsteen has only like… one song that he uses for his whole discography, chris broderick is better than malmsteen but he’s not excellent, jeff waters can just play fast but is still not the fastest guy u can find, shawn lane is a no.

  • monkeylemur says:

    Paul Gilbert sucks at writing his own songs, Michael Romeo was never as good as Petrucci tbqh, Buckethead is a total mess, Jeff Loomis is ok, Fredrik Thordendahl is eh…, tony macalpine is just not as good.

  • DergyDuke55 says:

    Well put my friend

  • celedeox54 says:

    JP is the best end of story!!!

  • abhimuscat says:

    Marty Friedman, Yngwie Malmsteen, Chris Broderick, Jeff Waters, Shawn lane as well…

  • 0waggoner says:

    this is such a awesome song.

  • urbanmech says:

    anyways… is your opinion ;).. no problems…

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