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Rossignol Womens Data Jacket for Snow Ski Snowboard in Three Colors R133, X-Large, Red

Rossignol Womens Data Jacket for Snow Ski Snowboard in Three Colors R133, X-Large, Red

  • 100% poly microfleece
  • Adjustable elastic cord at the bottom hem and wind flap behind the center zipper
  • The inside neck and hand pockets are lined with cozy brushed tricot fabric
  • Microfleece is high quality, quick drying, pill-resistant and wrinkle-resistant
  • Versatile with stretch for activity and lightweight insulation

Waterproof, breathable fabric that helps you stay comfortable. Fabric has waterproof/breathability rating of 5000mm/500g/m2/24h. 100% polyamide dobby shell with 100% polyester fill. Adjustable, removable hood. Storm flap over exterior zipper keeps cold and wet out. Interior adjustable powder skirt protects the lower torso. Elasticized inner cuffs keep your gloves in places and the cold out. Zippered exterior pockets at hips and forearms for easy-access storage. Interior mesh pockets for goggles,

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List Price: $ 265.93

Price: $ 153.89

Ignite E-Data Rechargeable USB Flameless All Weather Lighter w/ Micro SD Reader

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*Package* Davis Wireless Weather Station • Data Logging Software • Mounting Pole
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Facing The Mighty Tornado – Tips To Keep You Safe

Facing The Mighty Tornado – Tips To Keep You Safe

If you’ve ever seen a tornado, you know what a powerful and terrifying thing this unpredictable natural disaster can be. And if you’re a citizen of “Tornado Alley,” you’ll want to know what to do if a tornado should make its way to your door!

Every year from March to May, midwest and southern states are plagued by tornadoes. Northern states’ risks are slightly later, from late spring to early summer. Tornadoes are unpredictable, sudden, violent columns of rotating air that pick up dirt, debris, and even very large items and toss them like pick-up sticks. The winds of most tornadoes reach speeds of over 100 miles an hour, and some have been clocked at over 300 miles per hour.

What makes a tornado truly dangerous is its unpredictability. It can descend from the clouds without warning and disappear just as quickly. And tornadoes don’t follow a predictable path. They can make 90-degree turns without warning. And they are harder to spot and track from satellites.

You can only be sure there’s a tornado nearby by seeing it. Or you may hear the sound of a train roaring where no track have been laid. There’s not much you can do to protect your home and property from tornado damage.

If it wants your house, it will get your house. But there are certain precautions you can take to protect yourself from the ravages of the deadly tornado.

How Can I tell if a Tornado is Likely?

* A tornado looks like a funnel. Some are long and spindly, and some are thick and wide. The long thin tornado is more unpredictable, acting like a whip across the landscape. But a thick, wide tornado may pack higher winds.

* Tornadoes are associated with severe thunderstorms (called supercells), particularly where air temperatures are significantly less than ground temperatures.

* Tornadoes may occur right before or after a cold or warm front has passed through the area.

* Tornadoes are frequently present when there is heavy rain, hail, and powerful winds during a thunderstorm.

* Residents of Tornado Alley report a subtle greenish-tint to clouds that form tornado funnels.

How Will I Know When the Tornado Will Hit my House?

* Winds and rain may decrease suddenly immediately before a tornado strikes.

* Tornadoes are more likely at the leading edge and trailing end of a severe thunderstorm.

* There is usually a lot of dust and debris in the air around a tornado, even when you can’t see the funnel. Close-up, the tornado may resemble a violent low-lying cloud.

* Because the air is rotating at high speeds, you may see debris rotating in a circular whirling path.

* Immediately before a tornado hits, you can hear what sounds like an on-coming freight train. That is the sound of the high-speed wind.

What Can I do to Protect Myself?

* If you see a tornado, or if the sky becomes suddenly darer and takes on a violet to greenish glow, take cover. While you may not be hit directly by the tornado, you can be severely injured by flying debris.

* Tornadoes tend to follow higher ground. If you are outdoors, find a ditch or trench if you can’t find cover. Many people find shelter on the highway at underpasses. Do not stay in your car, as it will offer little protection. Lie flat, and cover your head.

* Storm cellars or basements are the safest place to go during a tornado. But if you don’t have one in your house, try to find a central location with few windows or glass doors. If the glass breaks, you could be hurt or killed by severe lacerations.

* If you are in an apartment or tall building, seek shelter near the center of the building. Bathrooms and kitchens seem to offer more protection because the pipes make the walls stronger. Sometimes whole structures disappear, but the bathroom or an interior closet remains.

When the storm has passed, it’s time to assess the damage and begin to recover. You may find pieces of furniture or personal items miles away, undamaged. You may find a fragile straw implanted through a tree or phone pole. Tornadoes have almost mystical powers and do some very strange things.

Community clean-up and support are tremendously important after a tornado. Coming with little warning and wiping out whole lifetimes leaves victims drained and feeling powerless. If you are a victim, seek support from neighbors and family. If you are, offer your support to those who have suffered.

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Q&A: Lightning?

by DDFic

Question by Feng zi: Lightning?
I’m so freaked out by lightning. Any tips for getting over it?

Best answer:

Answer by eyebum
Liquid Composure.

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What Is Cold Storage And Why Is It Necessary?

What Is Cold Storage And Why Is It Necessary?

The refrigerator is viewed as a necessity in our homes, but we overlook its importance, and don’t even think of what we would do without one.  Imagine how cavemen preserved food.  They dug holes, harvested ice and packed whatever food they caught down in the ice to maintain its temperature and freshness.  This process may sound similar to when we pack a cooler for a day on the beach, except we are given the convenience of buying the food and ice that goes into the cooler.

The first refrigerator was introduced to the public in the early 1900’s, but did not achieve acceptance and household use by consumers until many years later.  Scientists conducted years of experiments and research on evaporation, which led to the discovery that this very technique would create the first refrigerator.  They studied and tested the best temperatures to store cold and frozen products.  They also worked on ice producing techniques.  Each of these techniques would not only be the basis of the common refrigerator, but in turn, also lead to the future construction of cold storage warehouses.

Before foods make it into your refrigerator, they are stored in large cold storage warehouse facilities.  From these facilities, the food is delivered to the grocery store, where we as consumers then pick it up and bring it home.  While it may be a regular task to throw the ground beef or milk from the grocery bag into the refrigerator, the process of getting it to the store is unfamiliar to most of us.  There is often cross-country or worldwide transportation involved in getting food to the store where you purchase it.  During that transport time, the food needs to remain at a safe temperature.

Refrigerated warehouse storage facilities represent 15% of all warehouses and storage facilities in the overall warehousing industry.  Most are responsible for more than simply storing perishable items.  Many refrigerated warehouse and storage facilities participate in the import, export and distribution of food.  As third party logistics providers, they control most all of the operations necessary to make sure food is delivered safely to consumers.

Even if we aren’t conscious of it, we all depend heavily on the cold supply chain. Whether it’s the dock worker responsible for the timely delivery of the produce can coming off the boat, or the driver delivering goods to a grocery store, we all rely on the cold chain being carried out properly.  Wherever you are on the cold chain, cold storage is an entity of our lives we quite possibly take for granted.

Richmond Cold is a leader in cold storage throughout Virginia. Today RCS encompasses 16 facilities totaling approximately 40,000,000 cubic feet of warehouse space.

This is me & my family’s experience of seeing a rapidly moving cold front coming towards us. No tornadoes formed. Filmed on September 4th, 2007, in Utah.
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weather instrument

How to measure atmospheric temperature, rainfall and humidity by using maximum & minimum thermometer, rainguage and wet and dry bulb thermometer respectively is demonstrated by class-XI students of JNV-Koraput, Orissa, India
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