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What is the Best Place to Live in the United States and Canada – One Almanac Tells All

weather almanac
by Bazjra

What is the Best Place to Live in the United States and Canada – One Almanac Tells All

During the recession many families are re-thinking where they live and considering making a move, something they take very seriously, and cannot afford to make a mistake. But where do they move too? Where can they get all the information they need to make an informed decision? Well, boy have I got the perfect book to aid in this search:

“Places Rated Almanac; Your Guide to Finding the Best Places to Live in the United States and Canada” (Special Millennium Edition) by David Savageau with Ralph D’Agostino; IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., Foster City, CA; 2000.

This book is a wealth of information on places to live, listed are some 354 Metro Areas which are ranked by crime, weather, arts, recreation, sports teams, job base, education, transportation, energy, pollution, cost of living and health care considerations. There is so much data in this book you will be blown away, and it will make you consider things you may not have ever thought about before, such as the number of restaurants, churches, or parks. How about bike lanes, traffic times, yep, all listed.

How about good paying jobs? Cost of homes, rentals or business locations? Rainy days, sunny days, cloudy days, stormy days, well, it is all here in one giant almanac book and you can cross reference to your heart’s content. All the suburbs are listed and the driving times to town, as well as trains, buses, subways, light rail, airports, number of airlines, it’s a demographic dream come true, perfect for business or just plain deciding where to live and hang your hat, raise your family or retire to.

“Lance Winslow” – Lance Winslow’s Bio. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;


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Weather on Blackberry

Weather on Blackberry

Imagine the power of knowing what the weather will be like when you are at a client meet, beforehand? You would always be prepared no matter how inclement the weather. That means more sales and more happy customers. This is the power that the SmartServices Solution Suite provides you.

Instant mobile weather alerts

With the SmartServices blackberry weather feature, you can receive instantaneous alerts on the weather condition for a specific date and time. You can also choose to get weekly or daily mobile weather alerts at the mere click of a button! You can get access to both current as well as 7 day extended mobile weather forecast for your Blackberry phone. The best feature about the revolutionary SmartServices Solution Suite is that it is accessible across 58000 cities all across the globe. This makes it a truly unique weather forecast software service, whereby geographical constraints cease to be redundant.

Staying ahead of the competition got easier

Now you never need to let the weather play spoilsport on your business plans ever again. For those all-important customer visits, you can now plan and schedule your itinerary as per the weather forecasted. With the amazing new SmartServices blackberry weather features you can get access to all weather conditions forecasted, at your fingertips, in a few seconds. You can now stay ahead of the tough competition by having access to critical weather information. No matter what the weather predicted, with this fascinating mobile weather service, you can plan for a customer trip beforehand. This is a strategic advantage that you can now have over your direct competitors.

Information transfer from PC or phone

The SmartServices solution offers a mobile Marine weather condition forecasts beforehand. You can choose to receive mobile weather alerts about current weather forecasts or for extended 7 day, weekly or monthly forecasts. The best part is that all of this information can be accessed directly from your PC or your cell phone. No matter what the weather condition forecasted, you will be able to wear gear that keeps you well prepared for any situation. Whether it is for a business visit or for a recreational purpose, you can now plan your trips according to the blackberry weather forecasts delivered to you!

Extended forecasts to avoid airport delays

With this special weather forecast software you can get access to both extended forecasts as well as current weather situations. You can now plan your business meets during the next couple of weekends months in advance. Whether it is a torrential rainy weather predicted or sunny skies ahead, with the amazing blackberry weather service you can now know what weather to expect.

Marine forecasts too

The mobile weather for Blackberry is unique in the sense that it provides weather forecasts on marine weather too. Right from sea temperature forecasts to surf conditions the mobile marine weather software allows all of this and much more. Besides this, you can be prepared for delayed flight schedules because of inclement weather. Get access to airport delay information in real time, thereby saving you time and money!

With SmartServices you get to save on money and always be in the know of all employee movements. This mobile weather for Blackberry can be a interesting solution for any company which deploy their staff in the field on daily basis. Any one interested read more at

How do I load weather data into my VB application?

Question by JPM: How do I load weather data into my VB application?
I am new to vb, trying to learn it on my own (I have a c++ backgound). I am attempting to build a simple application that logs date, time and weather. What is the best way to extract weather data for one city from the web and put it into my VB app?

Best answer:

Answer by PleaseInsertACoin
Well… “best” way?
First: Find some place that contains the information you need.
Second: Let the program load the information.
Third: Evaluate the data. Do whatever you want with it (convert celsius to fahrenheit, i don’t know)
Fourth: Display the results.

PS: Basic is a horrible language. I don’t know why anyone would want to learn it.

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Cloud Kings

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The Weather-Wise Homeowner: The 3 Things Every Parent & Homeowner Must Know About Severe Weather

The Weather-Wise Homeowner: The 3 Things Every Parent & Homeowner Must Know About Severe Weather

Countless incidents in the recent past have once-again proven that weather can be deadly-serious. From the cold spells and blizzards of this winter to the tragic storms that rolled through Tornado Alley in recent years, most people are woefully underprepared for Severe Weather events.

As a parent and/or homeowner, you are responsible for protecting your most valuable assets: your family and property. There’s no doubt that predicting the weather plays a vital role in achieving that – and that means more than just checking weather web sites and watching the local forecast.

The good news is that a little bit of specific weather knowledge can go a long way when it comes to your safety. And the insights I am about to discuss will move you a good distance down the path of becoming a more Weather-Ready and Weather-Wise individual.

1. Know Your Geography

Weather is largely determined by where you live. Awareness of your geography is the first and most important step in understanding what kinds of weather threats to expect, and when to expect them. For example, if you live in Tornado Alley, you can expect a higher frequency of turbulent weather like tornadic storms, dangerous lightning, flash flooding, and more. And if you live in the west, you may be prone to extreme heat and forest fire outbreaks. But no matter where you are on the map, you must take time to understand the threatening weather that’s prone to your area. In addition to the types of weather, you must also consider when they will occur. Some regions, such the Midwest and Southern Plains, are subject to weather threats year-round, but the most severe weather occurs during the spring months.

A good weather software package should be able to monitor all kinds of weather threats, regardless of geography.

2. Know Your Weather Situation

It’s easy to become overloaded with the daily barrage of weather reports. So what really matters when it comes to staying safe? First there’s the “Convective Outlook”, which is a weather report issued by the Storm Prediction Center and predicts severe weather in your area over a period out to 8 days. This is a great primary resource to consult, especially during the peak severe weather season. The Convective Outlook is issued multiple times per day, and can be accessed on the Storm Prediction Center’s website: Next, pay attention to any issued Warnings, Watches, and Advisories by your local Weather Service office. A listing of local weather offices can be found here:

Knowing the difference between Warnings, Watches, and Advisories can be the difference between life and death – so here’s a recap: – Warnings: Issued when a hazardous weather event is occurring, imminent or likely. The current weather conditions pose a threat to life or property. People in the path of the storm need to take protective action immediately. – Watches: Used when the risk of a hazardous weather has increased significantly, but its occurrence, location or timing is still uncertain. It is intended to provide enough lead time so those who need to set their plans in motion can do so – Advisories: Issued when a hazardous weather event is occurring, imminent or likely. Advisories are usually for less serious conditions than warnings, like high wind and blowing snow.

And finally, don’t underestimate the power of reading the sky. Pay attention to cloud formations, wind shifts, humidity in the air, and other weather qualities you can use your senses to measure. Any easy one is observing if there’s low and dark cloud formation, which is of course indicative of rain, and possibly stormy weather.

3. Have a Plan and Know When To Take Action

It’s dark and cloudy. The winds are howling and the thunder won’t quit. . Is it time to sound the alarm? How can you know? In moments like these, every bit of weather intelligence matters. Any option can give you the edge is worth taking.

Many online resources exist to provide basic weather tracking. But one approach favored by serious weather trackers is monitoring storms with street-level resolution that advanced weather software packages can provide.

Now that you know it’s time to take action, what is your plan? Do you just need to get indoors or do you need to find a tornado shelter? Don’t wait until an emergency is in progress to determine your plan of action. The time to start planning is today.

As you can see, preparing your home for threatening weather takes a bit of technology, instinct, and planning. Remember, staying safe is all about knowing your geography, knowing your weather situation, and knowing when to take action. If you can learn the simple tips and tricks behind each of these, then you can be sure to keep your family safe and property protected.

Rory Groves is founder & CEO of SWIFT Weather, a software firm dedicated to protecting communities and saving lives from severe weather. Weather Defender 1.1 is GIS-enabled weather software that provides real-time weather conditions with street-level accuracy. To find out more and download your free demo today, visit: =>