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when does severe weather season end, and when does severe winter weather start?

Question by weather export 19: when does severe weather season end, and when does severe winter weather start?
I know it is a little early for the midwestern region and the eastern states, but i want to know when does severe winter weather start for the western states, rockey mountain states midwestern states and the eastern states.
I also want to know. When will the us first expierence it’s first major winter storm.

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Answer by vatot7
North east starts in december

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Cold Front: A Tory Bauer Mystery

Cold Front: A Tory Bauer Mystery

Death is a Party PooperWaitress Tory Bauer is good at dishing out food and dishing out gossip. Now it’s her steamy secrets that are being dished out all over town. But it’s New Years Eve in tiny Delphi, South Dakota, one of the few fun dates on the local calendar. And, bad-mouthed or not, Tory’s determined to have a good time partying down. . .even if it kills her! As it turns out, she’s not the one who doesn’t make it beyond the stroke of midnight.Suave and handsome Ian O’Hara had only been in

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The Climate in Historical Times: Towards a Synthesis of Holocene Proxy Data and Climate Models

The Climate in Historical Times: Towards a Synthesis of Holocene Proxy Data and Climate Models

The project

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How do you know if a surf report is good or not?

Question by twert002: How do you know if a surf report is good or not?
i get surf reports to my phone every morning and i really don’t know how to tell if they’re good or not

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Answer by t
i just look out my window

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iPhone Google Mobile App gains push functionality

iPhone Google Mobile App gains push functionality
The Google Mobile App software for Apple’s iPhone has been updated with Gmail and Google Calendar push functionality. It will now alert you of new events and emails with a pop-up message and an icon badge. Google also added a few search enhancements. Read the full story here.
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The Global Association for Contact Center Best Practices & Networking
Sage Software India’s Integrated Sage CRM and ERP Solution enhances service levels to over 200,000 Indian farmers who have subscribed to Reuters Market Light.

Technologically Speaking
Jackson County Schools’ senior network administrator Dennis Morris is more than proud of the computer networking system launched in the school system.
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VWR Weather System – Model 89030-252, Basic Edition – Weather Station Software – Each Reviews

VWR Weather System – Model 89030-252, Basic Edition – Weather Station Software – Each

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  • Manufacturer: VWR – Model 89030-252 – Unit: Each
  • Basic Edition
  • This product may be an accessory for VWR Weather System and may differ from the image shown. If you have any concerns, please contact us prior to placing your order.

Displays Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, and More Programmable Alarms This complete professional weather station is perfect for industrial plants, schools, or labs needing to monitor conditions, forecast weather, and check environmental air parameters. Unit displays temperature, humidity, dew point, barometric pressure/pressure trend, weather forecast, wind direction/speed, wind chill, rainfall amount, and clock/calendar. Minimum/maximum memory for all measurements. Programmable alarms

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Email Clustering and Cloud Email Services

Email Clustering and Cloud Email Services

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about the brand new cloud computing paradigm. Supposedly, through this type of cloud resource, you would get the same performance and user experience levels as with classic systems. Some companies have moved word and spreadsheet processors online, while others plan to allow users to play HD quality games on demand, over the Internet; all striving to move from regular desktop related applications onto the Web.

Cloud computing yields a series of palpable benefits such as a lower TCO for both service providers and their customers, while also attempting to overcome the main concerns of privacy and security advocates in the IT industry.

This white paper aims to compare the older, industry-proven technology used in clustering systems today and the emerging trend of cloud computing, and to answer some of the questions revolving around these topics.

1. Will the Cloud Replace the Cluster?
This is surely the most obvious question of all when it comes down to analyzing the future development of the situation. However, it is one of the most interesting as well, because cloud-type resources are actually served by what is called a decentralized cluster.

Thus, while on a regular cluster you have a central nervous point (the storage, for the highly available one, or the controller for grids etc.), in a cloud all systems perform any and all tasks just as good. The cluster is a well structured and divided environment that relies on role configuration for each node and workload distribution according to technical limitations. The cloud, on the other hand, will divide the workload internally according to external requirements and user preference, rather than technical limitations.

Within a fully developed and featured cloud, the concepts of statefull and stateless process / information no longer have any impact on how the system reacts. All data is readily accessible to any computer in the setup; moreover, any computer can serve any request initiated by any client. This extensive use of any is what makes the cloud so wonderful to the industry in the sense that it offers a lot of freedom and that will most likely re-write most of our preconceived ideas about how communications take place.

However, node roles may still exist within present cloud platforms, as with regular clusters (i.e. front-end, back-end, mailstore, database etc.). This is part of a natural evolution of the cluster, very much like a transition state. Consequently, the cloud will develop into this magnificent entity later on, as we learn to deal with the burdens of deploying one along the way. This will essentially be the natural evolution of the cluster and the only direction that makes sense given the technological status and demand of the industry.

2. How Do the Two Technical Solutions Compare?
This second most likely question is very adequate as well: why would anyone need to replace a cluster in the first place? Such high-end solutions are expensive and very resilient on their own, so is there a real need to go any further? To answer this, we shall have to take a look at some widely used systems to see what is currently missing and what else can be gained by such a move.

We shall use email systems as an example because each and every company today uses either an in-house (in-sourced) email server or a hosted paid service run by a third party (outsourced). There is no other way around email communication services, short of using the FAX system to deliver documents.

Email clusters rely on two or more layers of systems (usually called tiers) that perform tasks within one of the following categories:

Statefull tasks: they rely on persistent data that must be saved for each session, like the contents of an email message. Stateless tasks: they rely on temporary information that is relevant to one individual session only, such as the authentication state of a connection.

As stated before, such categories do not apply when deploying a cloud setup, as all systems are able to perform both statefull and stateless tasks. This fact results in significant advantages such as the full balancing capability between the systems. This specific capability is also inherited from the cluster technology, by the AXIGEN Mail Server and several of its market competitors. However, all products are limited: as far as regular clusters are concerned, because load balancing is not possible in the case of statefull transactions. Using a cloud makes this possible and solves some of the most important puzzles related to email clusters today.

To continue to read this whitepaper, please visit: Email Clustering and Cloud Email Services – Whitepaper. Additionally, we invite you to join our free, live webinar on Cluster Computing vs. Cloud Computing to gain a comprehensive insight on the benefits, challenges or opportunities that they present for businesses.


Gecad Technologies SA is the vendor of Axigen, a professional messaging solution that ensures an efficient and secure worldwide communication environment and business growth for both service providers and companies of all sizes. Our cutting-edge products, based on proprietary architectures such as Axigen GrowSecure™, Axigen SmartProcessing™ and Axigen UltraStorage™, are currently distributed internationally by over 200 partners from 80 countries, managing email traffic for more than 11,000 companies with 6 million end-users.
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