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Question by .Answer.King.: Weather???
Whats the temperature and weather going to be in Cuba in the first two weeks of April 2007?

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Answer by Private_Jet_Charter
This link will show you the current weather for Cuba and shows the week forecast

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moon phase?

Question by COREY: moon phase?
i read on a site that todays moon phase is 22.15.

what the hay does that mean??

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Answer by THOMAS A
it’s the position of the moon’s surface rotation in relation to its position to the earth and sun.

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cold front – amie miriello :)

i heard this song on “the city”, and i am obsessed with it now. please rate high! :) if anyone has the lyrics leave them on the comments below! thanks xxx
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Severe Weather Damage In Scott And Sharkey County

Severe Weather Damage In Scott And Sharkey County
Severe weather swept through Scott and Sharkey Counties.
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Severe Weather Hits Coastal Empire & Lowcountry
Severe weather hit the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry Friday evening, causing power outages and traffic delays.
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Severe weather damage still burdens city
OKLAHOMA CITY — In the past year we have seen a blizzard, ice storms, tornadoes, a huge hail storm and severe flooding. It seems mother nature has thrown everything she can at Oklahoma, leaving a lot of damage behind. It has stretched Oklahomans when it comes to repairs, but individuals aren’t the only ones feeling the tug at their wallet. The effects are still being felt across the city …
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Weather Fronts Making The News!

Weather Fronts Making The News!

When you sit down at home in front of the television with your family, you watch the news and then the weather and your children start to ask you all sorts of questions about all the different terminology used by the weather person to describe what should happen tomorrow or the next few days with the weather in your area or in other parts of the country of the world. Do you know all the answers? Have you ever taken the time to find out what all this news weather terminology is all about? Here are some quick points about some of the more common weather terms used.

What are Fronts?

A weather front is where two air streams meet each other. The air streams will have differing humidity and temperature. Warmer air is less dense and therefore rises up over cooler air. Warmer air expands and gets cooled as it rises. Cooler air holds less water vapor. The water condenses from the atmosphere which forms clouds and can lead eventually to rain.

What are the different kinds of Fronts?

Warm Front – This is where there is change from the cold air to warmer air. Warm fronts are defined as the area where warm air masses are replacing cold air masses. Most often warm fronts will move from the southeast to the northeast and the air that is behind a warm front is generally warmer and more moist than the air ahead of it. If a warm front passes you will find that the air becomes warmer and has more humidity. In a weather map a warm front is usually shown with solid lines and semi circles at the front of the lines themselves.

Cold Front – This is where there is a change from warmer air to cold air. Cold fronts are defined as the area where cold air masses are replacing warmer air masses. Most often cold fronts will move from northwest to southeast and the air that is behind a cold front is generally colder and drier than the air ahead of it. If a cold front passes you will find that the temperature drops and the air is drier. If a cold front passes the temperature can drop up to 15 degrees in a 60 minute period. If there are significant amounts of moisture then cold fronts can often lead to thunderstorms or rain showers. In a weather map cold fronts are usually shown as solid lines with pointed triangles.

Cold fronts will produce more volatile types of weather than warm fronts. When a cold front meets warmer air the air is forced upwards and that swift force of the air causes instability within the two fronts. Then cumulus clouds are created because they are putting out water vapor that then triggers storms to the boundary of the air mass. The fast rising air forces an area of low pressure behind it that causes strong winds. In some cases a cold front will overtake a warm front that is moving slowly. If that does happen warm air gets caught up in the cold front and the two fronts will move together. This boundary between the two fronts is called an occluded front.

Occluded Front – This is when a cold front gets ahead of a warm front.

Stationary Front – This is a front that is not moving. If a warm or cold front stops moving then it has then become a stationary front.

Dry Line – This is a moisture boundary. A dry line is the boundary that will separate dry air masses from moist air masses.

So now you have some of the basic terminology and when your children question you about what all the lines and squiggles are when the weather person is giving the weather news for the next few days, you will be able to tell them what you know. The weather and the patterns are a science that many try to define however as you know, you can not always trust the weather to do exactly what the weather person told you it would do on the evening news.

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How a hurricane is born – The Science Of Superstorms – BBC

A fascinating look at how a little girl walking in the sand of the African desert could cause a hurricane 4000 miles away in the USA. Great video from BBC show The Science of Superstorms. Contains some scenes that some viewers may find upsetting. Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here:
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Lastest Lightning News

Lightning cuts scrimmage short
Tarleton State saw its first intrasquad football scrimmage cut short by lightning Thursday afternoon. Head coach Cary Fowler says the first two units got plenty of work in both offensively and defensively, but he hoped to see more of the program’s younger players.
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Lightning kills eight, injures 10 in Bihar
Biharsharif/Nawada, Aug 24 (PTI) Eight people were killed and 10 others injured when lightning struck them in Bihar’s Nalanda and Nawada districts today.
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Masters Of Copywriting 2008

Masters Of Copywriting 2008
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Masters Of Copywriting 2008

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Anthony Doesburg : Wet or dry? Super computer has the forecast

Anthony Doesburg : Wet or dry? Super computer has the forecast
Weather forecasting is a crucial, if thankless, task.When the forecast is bad, but accurate, there’s a tendency to shoot the messenger. When the forecast is good, and the weather bad, we feel fully entitled to blame the rain on…
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Return of the Internet kitchen appliance!
CNET takes a look at the digital doodads and software trickling into homes to make them more energy efficient. Just don’t ask these gadgets to order your groceries.
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